Overcome cognitive biases with Capital.com's innovative trading technology

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Oct. 18, 2017) - When it comes to investment decisions, even the most experienced traders sometimes get it wrong. Often this has nothing to do with their lack of knowledge or ability - and everything to do with being human.

Time and time again, psychologists and neuroscientists, alike, have shown that our brains mislead us. As an organ, it is constantly on the lookout for shortcuts, meaning that sometimes we oversee vital information.

Resultantly, sometimes choices that look rational are not so. They are, in fact, a bi-product of the brain's effort-saving mechanisms.

In ordinary life, it's not such an issue when people make the odd incorrect decision. But in trading, an industry that carries high risks and ample investment, it's important to get things right - over and over again.

To remedy the problems associated with human decision-making, firms are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI). Such technology has been instrumental in helping traders overcome their own cognitive biases.

One organisation that has spearheaded the AI revolution is Capital.com, a fintech company based in Limassol, Cyprus, with a trading app as its flagship product.

One of the app's key features is its SmartFeed. An innovative feed that the company recently announced will go live in November 2017.

Anastasia Akula, COO of Capital.com, stated: "The app will detect cognitive biases that may negatively influence your trading decisions, and prevent you from acting on them. Offering lots of education materials, the app can help avoid typical cognitive behavioural patterns. Capital.com can also use all of the available data and make financial calculations at an incredible speed. In introducing SmartFeed, we aim to bring users the possibility to trade smart and not to be fooled by mental tricks."

Today, Capital.com also reveals its latest product, an online trading platform for the web.

The web platform will deliver traders the same features that the app offers, such as several types of charts, market/limit orders, stop/take profit orders and negative balance protection.

Like its smartphone counterpart, the Capital.com online trading platform will provide easy access to hundreds of financial instruments, including shares, commodities, indices and currencies.

Along with the possibility to take their trading practice to the next level, traders will be able to draw on charts, using graphic tools, and conduct their own technical analysis with indicators organised by trend, oscillators, volume and volatility groups.

With so much at stake, it has never been more important for traders to have such a multifaceted approach to decision - something they can do with Capital.com.

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