Eye Square Hires Jeff Bander as Chief Revenue Officer, Opens First U.S. Office

Brooklyn, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Oct. 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eye Square, a globally active, Berlin-based market research agency with a focus on psychological methods, today announces Jeff (Ephraim) Bander as the company’s new Chief Revenue Officer and the opening of its first United States office.

“We are thrilled to have a thought leader like Bander join the Eye Square family,” said Michael Schiessl, Founder and CEO. “As one of the first to bring Neuromarketing to the mainstream back in 2008 and introduce the world to the first online eye tracking solution in 2011, Bander’s reputation speaks for itself. We are eager to leverage his unique talents and insight as more companies transition from simulated to LIVE digital testing. We’re honored to have a brilliant mind like his join our board.”

In his new role as Chief Revenue Officer, Bander will open Eye Square’s first U.S.-based office in New York City, NY, introducing the company’s services to the American market. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Eye Square has 18 years of success bringing innovative solutions to Europe and Asia through their satellite offices in London, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Prior to joining NeuroFocus, Bander, served as Executive Vice President of Sales for the Hollywood Media Corporation based in New York. In that capacity, he increased sales and expanded the firm’s client base dramatically by creating new products and revenue streams. Similarly, in his earlier role as Senior Vice President of Sales for WorldNow, he built a national sales network of 132 people and multiplied the company’s annual revenue from $600,000 to $18 million in one year. He has also worked as a senior sales executive for Cox Interactive and the BellSouth Advertising & Publishing Corporation.

“What drew me to Eye Square was their unique ability to conduct market research testing in a LIVE environment on both desktops and mobile phones,” Bander said. “This is game changing as all other market research companies test static images online. Eye Square is also a leader in combining proprietary implicit research with explicit and psychology; essentially, this means we can glean profound quantitative and qualitative data as to what people experience and what ultimately drives them.”

Bander earned his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Advertising from the University of Georgia. He is the recipient of the iMedia 2013 New Wave Award, the ARF Great Minds Award 2013, and the coveted TMRE Awarded Anderson Analytics Disruptive Innovation Award. Bander will be presenting at this year’s TMRE conference in Orlando, Florida October 23-25.

About Eye Square GmbH

Eye Square is a leading global provider of innovative market research specializing in the fields of User Experience, Brand & Media and Shopper Experience Research.

Founded in 1999, Eye Square pioneered the use of eye tracking for user and market research, building up one of the largest databases for user experience, eye tracking, and advertising effectiveness data worldwide. These data allow Eye Square to benchmark how users experience new websites, mobile applications, products and advertisements against established biomarkers.

Eye Square’s extensive client portfolio include major companies such as eBay, LG Electronics, Vattenfall, Deutsche Telekom, Google, and P&G, among others.

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