Improved Merchant Plugin to Impact Global Business Transactions

Complete Merchant Solutions® Releases Emvio 1.0 for Enhanced PaaS


Orem, Utah, Oct. 23, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Complete Merchant Solutions (CMS), a renowned provider of electronic payment solutions, today announced the launch of its new payment plugin Emvio 1.0, which is now available. Emvio 1.0 replaces the existing plugin, Slyce 2.0. This new plugin offers better payment processing functionality, improved usability, and stronger security features. The complementary Emvio Dashboard is being rolled out in a few weeks. With the plugin, both assets become central components of the Emvio Payment platform as a service (PaaS).

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“In its next iteration, the Slyce plugin is rebranded to Emvio, and offers many new and improved features,” said Justin Anderson, Executive Vice President, CMS. “Emvio 1.0 incorporates the latest microservice and serverless technologies, bringing cutting-edge solutions to merchants around the world.”

Emvio 1.0 was designed to seamlessly manage, facilitate, and secure payment processes in a more advanced and reliable way than its predecessor. Emvio 1.0 offers   unique features including the following:

  • Seamless International Processing Integration. Emvio 1.0 can process in over 150 countries, supporting more than 30 local currencies.  This globalized feature allows customers to pay with their local currency and for merchants to collect locally.
  • Enterprise-Level Security. The plugin is designed using a modern technology stack for both high security and maximum performance.
  • Consolidated Management. CMS’ innovative, mobile-first consolidated dashboard simplifies the process of managing payments and data repositories so that information can be organized and easily displayed and managed.
  • Gateway Agnostic Tokenization. Advanced external-token management allows data to be processed through multiple gateways. Additionally, gateway failover provisioning is now available.
  • Simplified PCI Management. Emvio PaaS architecture and design solve the problem of merchant PCI mandates and exorbitant associated costs by minimizing the PCI requirements for the merchant.
  • Extended PAAS Solutions:  Emvio supports many desktop and mobile EMV hardware solutions both domestically and internationally. Fraud and chargeback solutions are also supported and 3D secure solutions will be rolled out shortly.


About Complete Merchant Solutions:

Complete Merchant Solutions is a full-service electronics payment solutions provider founded in 2008. CMS facilitates electronic payment processing for all major credit and debit cards, gift and loyalty cards, ACH, remote deposit capture, and non-cash payment methods. CMS provides payment solutions to over 5,000 merchants and is available in over 140 countries around the world. CMS' innovative, customizable solutions include a wide variety of integrated point-of-sale software, terminals and machines, and e-commerce and wireless payment processing solutions. CMS was recently announced as an Inc. 500 company and a Utah Valley 50 company. CMS is headquartered in Orem, Utah.


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