New Hope Animal Hospital Announces Arrival of New Digital X-Ray System

DURHAM, N.C., Oct. 23, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New Hope Animal Hospital is proud to announce the arrival of its new digital radiography system. This system will allow the veterinary hospital to take high resolution digital X-rays, email them to clients, and allow their contracted boarded radiologist to view them remotely for specialist interpretation. It also eliminates some of the other drawbacks of film X-rays, such as the need for physical films that can more easily be lost or damaged.

Digital X-rays have become staples in human medicine and dentistry and are becoming more widely used in veterinary medicine as image resolution has improved. The system at New Hope Animal Hospital has the highest resolution collector plate available in veterinary medicine. New Hope sees so many benefits to the technology that it is implementing it even without raising the price of its radiography (X-ray) services.

"Digitization of the process of obtaining and storing X-rays has nothing but upsides. We've chosen a Canon CXDI-501G plate that has a 125 micron pixel pitch, which is very high resolution. This lets us get extremely clear images.  The digital images can be enhanced and modified which is not possible with the film version. Also, since the image is digital, we can transport it far more easily than we could a big film picture. It can be emailed to everyone who needs to see it rather than being sent in a big flat envelope. Pets with emergent issues will surely appreciate the faster treatment times that result from the elimination of delivery delays," enthused Dr. Soren Windram of New Hope Animal Hospital.

Electronic copies of X-rays offer even more benefits than this. Infinite copies can be made without degrading the image, so it will be routine to send them to the pet owner as well as to other professionals. They also don't use nearly as much space when in storage, so they can be archived longer. In many cases, digital X-rays can also be taken faster which is a big benefit when dealing with animals that are hard to keep still.

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