Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch Joins Napa and Sonoma Community Partners to Respond to Animals in Need During the Fires

Napa, California, Oct. 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

As noted in news internationally, Napa and its surrounding communities have recently experienced extreme fires -- the worst in the state’s history. In partnership with many community organizations, Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) has been working 24/7 on the ground in Napa helping displaced animals and people since 10 pm, Sunday October 8th when the fires erupted.  

A snapshot of the week:

  • Known animal assistance count includes relocating an estimated 20 Llamas, 30 Cows, 45 Sheep, 60 Goats, 50 Horses, 15 Pigs, 100 chickens, 10 ducks along with numerous dogs and cats.
  • In the midst of the crisis, JARR worked closely with CrossWalk Church, the main Napa evacuation center setting up an area for people with animals to evacuate, delivered 700lbs of pet food and other supplies such as crates, pet beds, leashes, and bowls.
  • JARR worked closely with Napa County Emergency Services and Napa Community Animal Response Team (NapaCART) to help any evacuating and/or injured animals by funding medical needs, and food. NapaCART deployed the Large Animal Emergency Response Unit trailer JARR had donated in July for emergency rescue.
  • The JARR team fielded approx 600 calls from people needing advice, help, offering to volunteer, offering to donate, concerned about lost animals, and people needing to relocate animals including farmed animals and also rescued six neglected horses, one sheep and three cats from the Tubbs Lane fire evacuation area.
  • Within the phone calls for help were many “wellness checks” from concerned people who could not get back to their homes and had to leave their community cats, pet cats, horses, and chickens. JARR left feeding stations in hopes that the beloved pets would return for food and know they were being loved and looked for.
  • Napa Valley Horsemen’s Association called on JARR when they needed financial assistance and also purchased buckets, wheelbarrows, muck forks, hay and special mats for horses under veterinary care needed to stand on. The rescued horses from Tubbs Lane will need continued care and have been relocated to another ranch. Additionally, we supplied their 15 other evacuated horses with feeding stations to ensure sand does not get into their feed and cause sickness.
  • JARR delegated 20 volunteers to Sunrise Horse Rescue and Solano Fairgrounds, 10 Volunteers to Napa Horsemen's and signed up 40 new volunteers from all over the Bay Area. JARR’s exceptional volunteers are also providing foster homes for animals in need.
  • JARR’s Emergency Fund Coordinator assisted veterinarians at Sonoma Fairgrounds and Flat Broke Farms – areas where farmed animals and horses were evacuated to.  Our vet techs assisted at the large animal evacuation centers at Sonoma County Fairgrounds, as well as at Sonoma veterinary hospitals, attending to many large and small evacuated animals.
  • Our Emergency Fund Manager helped local veterinarians who didn't have power fill prescriptions, scan lost animals and personally fostered two cats.
  • JARR set up an emergency evacuation center for cats next to Ella's CatHouse & Catnip Bar (our adoption lounge), and also coordinated pet fosters from all over the Bay Area to temporarily home displaced animals.
  • In the midst of the fire, JARR rehomed 10 dogs from the Lake County shelter who needed more room for evacuated animals; took in an owner surrendered six-year-old pit bull, and arranged foster homes for 12 cats. 

Because evacuations are still taking place, there is no way of knowing how many animals continue to need assistance nor has any institution published current data on the counties’ stricken animal population. JARR has been informed that approximately 22,000 people have been evacuated from the Napa and Sonoma fires and that many of them included dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, donkeys, goats, chickens, cows, and other domestic animals as part of their families.

“Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch is a family, who views the Napa community as family, as well as our surrounding counties,” said Monica Stevens, co-founder of Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch. “This tragedy has touched us on many levels. Four of our staff were evacuated, one tragically lost her home, and one may not be able to return to her home in the short term. Our Adoptions and Foster Manager evacuated her parent’s 30 chickens, a mini donkey and five goats as her Dad's trailer was surrendered by fire. Despite this, our team was determined to put the animals first, immediately regrouped and since then has been working 24/7 to help the evacuated animals during the fires.“

About Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch
Founded in June 2014 by David and Monica Stevens (proprietors of 750 Wines), Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) is a no-kill rescue and sanctuary in the Napa Valley for companion and farmed animals in need. The nonprofit provides transitional and permanent shelter, adoption and rescue services, humane education, animal advocacy, and is committed to ending animal hunger, cruelty, and overpopulation. JARR also collaborates with and acts as a liaison for various animal rescue groups locally and statewide.

JARR’s vision includes building a state-of-the-art, cage-free animal rescue and sanctuary uniquely serving the physical and emotional needs of all of its companion and farmed animal residents. Renowned architect Howard Backen of Backen, Gillam & Kroeger Architects and Tim McDonald of Centric Construction are generously leading the building and design team for the Ranch.

Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit organization. To learn more about the Ranch and how you can help, please visit http://www.jamesonanimalrescueranch.org.



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