WinZip 22 and WinZip 22 Enterprise: Powerful File Compression, Encryption, Storage, and Sharing for Individuals and Corporate Accounts

WinZip 22 offers a simplified workflow and new security features to keep confidential information safe. Enterprises can now take advantage of new optional enterprise keys for data loss protection.

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WinZip today introduces the WinZip® 22 product line, providing individuals and teams with the latest versions of the world's most powerful compression, encryption, and file sharing software. Across the board, WinZip 22 boosts productivity with time-saving updates and an improved user experience, while delivering increased security to keep confidential information safe. Businesses can now turn to WinZip® 22 Enterprise for new IT controls including Enterprise Wide Password using a public and private key, more UI customization options, support for Slack, and an improved workflow in WIP-enabled environments.

"Whether you're a home user protecting your info in the cloud or an IT department that needs an enterprise solution to meet the latest security standards, we're all processing an enormous amount of information every day and it's growing dramatically," said Bill Richard, Vice President of Development for WinZip. "In time for National Cyber Security Awareness Month, WinZip 22 is designed for the way you work and makes it simple to protect and share files in any environment."

Keep information secure with WinZip 22, the world's most powerful compression & encryption software. New features include:

Two New Ways to Unzip

  • NEW! Unzip on Open Prompt gives immediate access to the most popular feature of WinZip - unzip a file - the moment a zip file is opened.
  • NEW! Unzip to File Pane Folder makes it even faster to unzip documents directly into the file pane workspace.

Enhanced User Experience & More Intuitive Navigation

  • NEW! Faster startup performance means WinZip can be up and running on your machine in half the time of previous versions.
  • NEW! Optional Add Contact to Address Book functionality allows you to decide if an email recipient should be added to your address book.
  • NEW! Encrypt Button on the Tools ribbon encrypts existing zip files with one click.
  • NEW! Move Button within the Add/Move Files Menu offers a more intuitive way to add or move zip files.

Increased Security and Encryption

  • NEW! Remove Personal Data from Files makes it easy to delete info contained in file properties.
  • NEW! Automatic replacement file encryption maintains pre-set encryption standards when replacing an older encrypted file with a new file.
  • NEW! Request Password before deleting encrypted file provides an additional safety net for encrypted files.

Compression Support & Smaller Image Files

  • NEW! POSIX TAR Support expands the WinZip library of supported file types and formats.
  • NEW! Image Format Conversion can reduce file sizes by converting image files from one format to another.

Designed specifically for IT deployments, WinZip 22 Enterprise provides all the power of the new WinZip® 22 Pro, plus essential new features for corporate and government clients:

Enhanced IT Admin Control Functions

  • NEW! Enterprise Wide Password uses public and private enterprise keys to enable IT admins to enforce encryption standards across their organization and retain the ability to access data after employees leave or during an audit.
  • NEW! Interface customization controls that enable IT departments to disable features now hide the functionality from the users' view; plus, a Classic UI Configuration Option is available to change the look and feel of the WinZip UI for environments that prefer the classic WinZip interface.

More Powerful Business Productivity

  • NEW! Slack Support makes it simple to share and zip files within the Slack IM and Address Book interface.
  • NEW! Job Wizard Skip EDP Work File reduces effort and saves time when users need to back-up personal files in corporate environments under Windows Information Protection (WIP).

WinZip 22 Enterprise is compliant with FIPS 140-2, FIPS 197, and trusted for DFAR, making it simple to deploy enterprise-wide security standards that meet government and regulatory standards. The ideal choice for teams and larger deployments, WinZip 22 Enterprise includes WinZip 22 Pro Enterprise edition, WinZip Courier™ 8, WinZip Express, Command Line Interface, plus one-year free maintenance.

Pricing and Availability

WinZip 22, WinZip 22 Pro, and WinZip 22 Enterprise are now available in 17 languages worldwide including English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese. To learn more about the WinZip 22 product lineup, please refer to this comparison chart.

WinZip 22 Pro is available at the SRP of $49.95 (US), $64.95 (CAD), $64.95 (AUD), £51.54, and 59.44 (EUR). WinZip 22 is available at the SRP of $29.95 (US), $39.95 (CAD), $39.95 (AUD), £31.14, and 35.64 (EUR). All European prices include VAT.

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Ideal for individuals and teams, the new WinZip 22 product line offers the latest versions of the world's most powerful compression, encryption, and file sharing software. WinZip 22 delivers a simplified workflow and new security features to keep confidential information safe. Create smaller files with new Image Format Conversion that makes it simple to convert images from one format to another.