SpotX and DoubleVerify Announce First Solution to Combat Verification Stripping Fraud

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

DENVER, Nov. 02, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Video ad serving platform SpotX and digital measurement firm DoubleVerify today announced a joint solution to combat the newest digital ad fraud threat known as “verification stripping.”

SpotX and DoubleVerify have taken bold steps to alleviate brand safety concerns and ensure a fraud-free platform, but sophisticated bots continue to make every effort to avoid identification, according to Josh Cariveau, SVP, Global Operations at SpotX. The pair recently identified verification stripping as a new bot tactic through which fraudulent actors manipulate or “strip” out code transmitted to verification partners to hide evidence of domain spoofing and other fraud and in some cases, prevent impressions from passing through the verification process.

As a component of its robust solution with DoubleVerify, SpotX is now able to identify inventory that has been subject to verification stripping and remove the fraudulent supply sources from the  platform, providing advanced assurances to publishers and advertisers that impressions served on the SpotX platform are clean and fraud-free.

"DoubleVerify has uncovered that up to 10 percent of ad fraud spikes occur because of verification stripping. DoubleVerify’s advanced fraud technology is working closely with SpotX to remove these fraudulent impressions from the supply chain, ensuring continued media quality on the platform," said Matt McLaughlin, COO at DoubleVerify.

“We’re proud to be working with DoubleVerify to curb the impact of verification stripping on inventory transacted on our platform,” said Cariveau. “While we’re taking action to address the concern, buyers should be aware that this type of fraud is likely occurring on other platforms as well.”

Commenting on the solution, Rob Cukierman, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Vevo, said, “Vevo has long been committed to helping brands maximize reach and minimize risk as they tap into the enormous audience consuming music videos online. We’re pleased to see tech providers like SpotX taking further steps to ensure the safest environment possible for advertisers.” 

To avoid being impacted by the effects of verification stripping, SpotX and DoubleVerify recommend that buyers take the following actions:

  1. Monitor for abnormal spikes in sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT).
  2. Look for any discrepancies between the number of impressions purchased via programmatic channels and the number of impressions counted in verification vendors' reports.
  3. Immediately investigate any significant discrepancy as it may be indicative of verification stripping behavior intended to manipulate proper verification and measurement.

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