Creating the frictionless workplace: Tungsten Network speaks to European CEO about its innovative solutions

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - Nov. 3, 2017) - In business, administrative tasks can be a nuisance. Employees often find them a minefield, and heads of organisations may find they take a toll on company profits. After all, the more time staff spend on chasing invoices, checking paperwork and phoning up contractors, the less time they have for the more significant activities. In fact, Tungsten Network estimates that companies lose almost £89,000 a year when their workforce is engaged in minor tasks.

In a video interview with European CEO, Richard Hurwitz, CEO of the company, explains why it's now more important than ever for managers and business operators to whittle down the time they spent on such activities. Tungsten Network has built unique technology to help others achieve this - and their ultimate goal, which is a 'frictionless' workplace. This term describes an environment where admin doesn't get in the way of important work.

Technological solutions are the way forward for multiple industries, which Tungsten Network offers in the form of e-invoicing, finance and analytics solutions. Its tools have been praised for their ability to eliminate human error and free up time, thereby boosting companies' profits.

Speaking to European CEO, Hurwitz explains how Tungsten Network has crafted its solutions and remained a market leader for 15 years. What gives the business its edge is its commitment to research, which constantly informs its products. This year alone it undertook a major study across the UK and US to understand how friction can affect the global supply chain. Hurwitz says that the answer lies in digital, where "there is no longer room for error."

To watch Hurwitz's interview in full and discover why Tungsten's solutions are regarded as some of the best in the business, visit European CEO now.

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