Long Island Plastic Surgeons Receive Award from ReSurge International

Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Honored by ReSurge International for its Role in Improving Lives & Medical Resources in Underdeveloped Countries

GARDEN CITY, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 7, 2017) - On October 21, Long Island Plastic Surgical Group (LIPSG) was presented with the Partners in Progress Award by ReSurge International at its 2017 Transformations Gala in San Francisco. LIPSG has partnered with ReSurge to treat patients suffering from conditions such as burn contractures, cleft lips and palates, and traumatic injuries and to develop much needed medical and surgical care and infrastructure in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

ReSurge International partners with highly skilled surgeons from the U.S. to treat patients and train physicians in developing countries. Since January 2015, LIPSG has been a key participant in this program, founding the ReSurge | Long Island Plastic Surgical Outreach Program in Ecuador. The care provided by ReSurge and LIPSG enables patients with debilitating conditions to walk again, attend school and provide for their families.

"We are pleased to honor Long Island Plastic Surgical Group with the Partners in Progress Award," said Jeff Whisenant, President and CEO of ReSurge International. "Long Island Plastic Surgical Group is our oldest partnership and one of our richest. Our organization has benefited enormously from their financial support as well as their dedication to service. The partners at Long Island Surgical Group have donated their time and talent as ReSurge board members, as visiting educators providing training to local medical professionals in the countries where we work, and as thought leaders in the continuous improvement of our programs. LIPSG is truly our 'partner in progress' and this award is a small way of recognizing their enormous contributions."

"In many developing countries, reconstructive plastic surgical care is unaffordable or entirely unavailable due to a lack of trained surgeons," said LIPSG cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon Thomas A. Davenport, MD, FACS. "As a result, people living in poverty suffer from life-limiting conditions that are absolutely treatable. At LIPSG, we are committed to supporting ReSurge both financially and in the training of local surgeons in developing nations to create a lasting impact in these areas."

Since its founding in 1948, Long Island Plastic Surgical Group has been dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to its patients through the collective medical expertise of its surgeons. LIPSG also has a long history of helping to provide reconstructive surgery care to people who lack access.

About ReSurge International

ReSurge International provides people in developing countries with access to life-changing reconstructive surgical care that is safe, timely and affordable. Through its programs, the organization trains the next generation of reconstructive surgeons in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Resurge invites select surgeons to become surgical outreach partners and together they work to create a sustainable business model through which they may provide high-quality reconstructive surgical care to people living in poverty and in remote areas. ReSurge is committed to its mission of transforming the lives of people in underserved areas who face monumental barriers to access to high quality surgical care.

About Long Island Plastic Surgical Group (LIPSG)

LIPSG comprises 22 plastic surgeons and is the largest academic private plastic surgery practice in the United States. Long Island Plastic Surgical Group co-founded an Independent model plastic surgery residency program in 1954. Since its inception, the LIPSG Residency Program has trained more than 125 residents and 33 burn fellows, many of whom are now among the most respected and skilled plastic surgeons in the nation. LIPSG's main facility is located in Garden City, NY, and the practice has additional offices in East Hills, Babylon, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Flushing, and Huntington. LIPSG also operates Deep Blue Med Spa, a medical spa that offers clinically proven skin rejuvenation procedures, and Dr. STITCH, a 24/7 on-call service and hotline. LIPSG surgeons also do extensive international charity surgery work through their support of ReSurge International.

To learn more about the charitable activities of LIPSG and its surgeons, or about the services and treatments that LIPSG offers, or to find an office near you or book an appointment, visit lipsg.com or call 516-504-3014. If you'd like to make a donation to ReSurge International, you can do so safely and securely by visiting www.lipsg.com/resurge.

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LIPSG Receives Award from ReSurge International