Spark Launches SET, a Collaborative Software Suite that Delivers Game-Changing Guest Experiences

Web-based technology allows clients to leverage experience design best practices

Miami, Florida, UNITED STATES

MIAMI, Nov. 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spark Cooperative, a Miami-based hospitality consultancy, is responding to industry demand for innovative processes and easy-to-use tools with the introduction of SET, an experience design software suite. For brands competing to attract savvy travelers expecting the best experiences, the enterprise technology enables unprecedented levels of insight into how consumers can spend their time. It also allows companies to better allocate resources to address guests’ wants and needs.

SET allows hospitality companies to effectively compete by empowering the software’s users to model and visualize the experience of their unique guest segments.  Once experience plans are made, brands can run game-changing analytics to reveal a number of insights, such as where they can reduce associated resource costs, and how best to deliver experiences for all types of climates and scenarios.  

Spark’s leadership has 50+ years of experience in hospitality design, taking properties through operationalization, launch, revitalization, and beyond.  SET was born from insights and product development tools Spark previously created for client projects. Realizing the demand for access to this type of technology, Spark saw tremendous value in making SET more widely available. Spark’s background serves as a great platform to infuse many layers of useful functionality into SET, such as:

  • The Canvas – Visualize, manipulate, and analyze the past, present, and future guest experience. This collaborative modeling tool includes drag-and-drop functionality, which makes editing a breeze.
  • Calendars – Consolidate the Canvas into a number of focused Calendars across an entire itinerary. Compare and contrast guest segments, venues, and staff schedules.
  • Graphs – Compare guest activation levels against property occupancy to determine the right amount of programming for various audiences.
  • Blueprints – Compile evocative imagery and key operational information for each experience.

These tools and processes are a significant evolution from the existing approaches to guest experience design, many of which drive wasteful expenditures and force teams to work in silos, ultimately resulting in experiences that have not changed to meet new travelers’ needs.

“Living in the trenches of crafting and executing future-forward guest experiences gives us a pretty unique view of the process,” said Joshua Belz, Principal, Spark Cooperative. “Boiling everything down and building the best parts into software that aligns with our services just makes sense. SET perfectly complements our industry expertise and offers another benefit to working with our team.”

SET offers flexible plans to span the marketplace: from international enterprises with multiple brands and properties to single-property portfolios. The software comes with responsive and reliable support, and because it’s web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

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About Spark Cooperative
Based in Miami, FL, Spark Cooperative is an innovation consultancy specializing in strategic new product development. With deep expertise across the cruise and hospitality industries, the company has earned a reputation for a customer-centric approach to creating inspired programs that drive revenue, improve service, reduce operating costs and create marketing buzz. Spark partners with clients in major growth markets within cruise, resort, casino, retail, media, and technology to introduce game-changing products, services and brands that engage customers. With an enthusiasm for smart design, transformational technology and authenticity, Spark solves business challenges quickly, translating out-of-the-box ideas into effective business approaches.

SET is a proprietary software suite created by Spark to help brands meet the needs of their guest segments and deliver exceptional experiences.

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