HomeGrid Forum welcomes Telebyte as its newest member

Leading test solution provider for G.fast joins the HomeGrid Forum

Beaverton, Oregon, UNITED STATES

BEAVERTON, OR--(Marketwired - November 08, 2017) -

News highlights:

  • HomeGrid Forum announces Telebyte, a leading test solution provider for G.fast and manufacturer of Universal Powerline Communications (UPLC) splitters, as its newest member
  • Telebyte joining HomeGrid Forum highlights the importance of interoperability, standardization, and the need for cross-industry cooperation
  • The HomeGrid Forum membership continues to expand, globally

HomeGrid Forum today announced that Telebyte, a leading test solution provider for G.fast and manufacturer of UPLC splitters, has joined as its newest member. As cross-industry cooperation is key for interoperability and standardization across the board, having Telebyte as a member will enable the Forum to strengthen its industry ties.

"Telebyte joining the HomeGrid Forum is a significant moment for us, highlighting the need for industry collaboration as interoperability remains a priority for manufacturers, service providers and industry bodies alike," said Dr. Len Dauphinee, HomeGrid Forum President. "In addition, it illustrates the broad appeal of the Forum and the progress that G.hn is making within the industry. This is a testament to the great work our members undertake."

Telebyte is a recognized leader in G.fast physical layer testing, and also provides test equipment for powerline devices, including G.hn. The Telebyte solution is completely vendor agnostic, and uses the TR-208 Performance Test Plan -- an internationally recognized standard from the Broadband Forum that can be used for third party testing.

Working across multiple vendors, Telebyte is a driving force for industry interoperability, and is an active member of the Broadband Forum and the DSL Consortium at UNH-IOL. It also manufactures standard UPLC splitters -- which allow a like-for-like comparison of different products.

Michael Breneisen, President of Telebyte commented: "Telebyte has gone from strength to strength this year -- joining the HomeGrid Forum will enable us to further align our interoperability goals and ambitions within the industry. We believe this will be of benefit to our customers now, and in the future, as we continue to push for the highest standard in networking technologies, including G.hn."

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About HomeGrid Forum

HomeGrid Forum (HGF) is an industry alliance that brings together the world's best in technology innovators, silicon vendors, system manufacturers, and service providers to promote G.hn, a globally recognized gigabit home networking technology based on ITU-T standards. G.hn is the most reliable and versatile wireless home network backbone available today. Our members promote the global adoption of G.hn, a single unified, multi-sourced networking technology -- over coax, copper pairs, powerline, and plastic optical fiber. HomeGrid Forum provides G.hn silicon and system certification through a strict compliance and interoperability testing program. For more information on HomeGrid Forum, please visit our website at www.homegridforum.org.

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About Telebyte, Inc.

Headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Telebyte, Inc. is the recognized leader in G.fast test equipment. The high-tech enterprise sells an extensive selection of physical-layer test equipment used by major companies around the world for ID-337 certification preparation, as a common platform for vendor trials, for next-gen research and development, interoperability and more.

Products include crosstalk emulators, local loop simulators, noise generators, digital analyzers, test automation switches, cable farm automation switches and more. While they continue to offer their well-established solutions for VDSL2, ADSL2 and the lower bandwidth technologies, the primary focus for new product development is on G.fast and VDSL2 Profile 35b.

Telebyte is an active participant in meetings of the Broadband Forum that shape the future of DSL, as well as a member of the UNH-IOL DSL Consortium.

Since 1983, Telebyte has been dedicated to leading the industry in product quality and customer service, deploying thousands of Telebyte products around the world through its network of domestic and international distributors.

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