Cannabis begins its next cultural shift: into America’s home gardens

Seattle based Bloom City Organics brings safe, simple and legal cannabis growing to DIY gardeners


SEATTLE, Nov. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bloom City Organics (, a leading producer of plant nutrient systems, is launching the world’s first organic and chemical-free consumer nutrient kit designed for legal recreational cannabis growing. As cannabis retailers open across the US, many states including Colorado, Nevada, California, and soon Washington State are legalizing cannabis home growing for personal use. Combined with the increased interest in organic foods, there is accelerating curiosity among gardeners to “home grow” organic cannabis, opening a new marketplace in the exploding cannabis industry.

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“Recreational gardeners, representing 35% of American households, are now seeking ways to grow cannabis in a safe and effective manner,” said Craig Allen, Co-Founder of Bloom City. “Cannabis growers are moving from outlaws in basements, to proud growers excited to show off their legal cannabis gardens and greenhouses.”

Designed by a team of botanists and plant chemists in Seattle, the company’s Organic Craft Grow Kit is a simple 3-part system that supports the complete cannabis growing cycle. This starter kit provides the nutrients a craft grower needs to achieve a productive personal crop while maintaining a safe environment in the gardener’s home. The company’s downloadable Craft Grower’s Field Guide E-Book provides a complete introduction to craft cannabis growing to new gardeners and is offered free to customers.

While the majority of fertilizer companies use non-renewable chemicals that are toxic to humans and can burn your skin, Bloom City organic fertilizers are handcrafted in America from premium plant and aquatic sources. Bloom City’s methodology and revolutionary probiotics enable the company to generate ultra-high yields from organic-based fertilizers and achieve the level of performance of commercial-focused chemical fertilizers in the market.

The company has coined the term craft grower to describe the people it serves. Craft growers follow in the do-it-yourself American spirit of “makers” and craft brewers, putting a premium on quality inputs, simple and sound methods, and sustainability in practice. Craft growers take pride in fine tuning their home grows, tinkering with cannabis species, strains, colors, flavors and aromas, and engage in their sharing their insights with the public.

“The same thing that happened in craft home brewing, is now happening with the craft growing of cannabis,” continued Allen. “Bloom City’s mission is to remove the complexity and toxicity pushed by big fertilizer companies, while maintaining the extremely productive yields craft growers want.”

While Bloom City’s lineup is newly available to consumers, the company has spent a decade honing its scientific methods supplying commercial vegetable and cannabis growers across the Pacific Northwest. The company’s commercial arm provides nutrients that power Microsoft’s successful hydroponic lettuce program in campus cafés that use 90% less water than typical grow methods.

Fertilizer companies have not evolved in years, sticking to a handful of poisonous and environmentally harmful chemicals to provide the plant nutrients used today. Bloom City achieves the same nutrient profiles using natural sources such as fish bones, crustacean meal, insect castings and natural plant materials. The company’s CleanKelpTM supplement, gently hand harvested from seaplants along the eastern coast, is cold pressed to maximize beneficial enzymes and hormones. Bloom City’s Silica Boost, harvested from sustainable ocean sand, strengthens cell walls increasing plant defenses and reducing water use. These nutrient systems provide an alternative to conventional fertilizer products while sustaining the long-term structure and health of the growing environment.

About Bloom City Organics
Bloom City was founded in Seattle, WA by a small group of professional botanists and plant chemists. The company gathers ingredients from natural plant and aquatic sources to cultivate ultra-premium nutrient systems for sustainably minded craft growers. The company’s line of organic nutrients and supplements are made in America, are simple to use and produce premium yields that rival chemical-based fertilizers. The company offers the world’s first Organic Craft Grow Kit and a comprehensive line of plant supplements. All Bloom City ingredients are better for plants, better for people and better for the planet. Conscientious growers can learn more at

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