The Global Aluminium Market Outlook to 2027

LONDON, Nov. 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- China which is the key player in the aluminium market has been slashing its aluminium capacity to help stabilise the market as well as reduce pollution. It is estimated that China will cut around 3-4 million tonnes of aluminium capacity this year. This may result in tighter market balance for some time and increase prices. The current price surge is more driven by non-market forces, though a downward price correction is expected due to weak demand and overproduction. Commodity Inside expects that China’s capacity closures will help in better market fundamentals in the short term. However, once the environmental compliance procedure is completed, the new and cost-efficient supply growth will substantially increase, which may impact the global aluminium market.

The current US administration understands the Chinese origin materials as a significant threat to its industry and is planning to limit it through tariff and other trade barriers to protect its domestic industry and create jobs. However, we expect that this will likely to impact the automotive sector in the US and will result in higher production costs. Aluminium is not the exception, and other materials such as steel have also been the target of rising trade barriers. If these proposals materialised then, it would result in a global trade war.

The global aluminium demand is still weak but will show some strength over the next ten years. The automotive sector has remained the key driver behind the growth. Most OEMs and auto body producers are located in developed markets so consequently the automotive sector dominates aluminium market in these markets. The usage of aluminium in the automotive sector is growing as aluminium is lighter than steel which makes it more ideal for vehicles. Light vehicles improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon dioxide emission and are environment-friendly. The current wave of substituting steel with aluminium is mainly supported by the EU emissions scheme and the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulation in the US.


The Global Aluminium Market Outlook to 2027 is a valuable resource necessary for examining the global aluminium market. We have employed a very sophisticated and robust approach to assess the aluminium market by taking into account various demand and supply dynamics as well as prices and costs structure. This content-rich report covers the following key aspects:

  • How will the aluminium market perform over the next ten years?
  • What will be the major trends and developments in the aluminium market and how they will impact the industry?
  • How will the increasing use of aluminium in various end-use sectors benefit the industry?
  • What will be the new revenue streams in the industry?
  • What will be the major drivers of the increase in aluminium demand globally and what is its impact on the economy?
  • The future of the Chinese aluminium capacity in the context of the global demand and supply balances.
  • New capacity developments and closures
  • Aluminium prices and premium
  • Aluminium costs structure
  • The current and future demand dynamics of aluminium in different regions.
  • Detailed discussions on market strategies and competitive landscapes.
  • Analysis of the present and future performance of matured and developing markets.

The Global Aluminium Market Outlook to 2027 provides you with the following in-depth analysis:

  • The aluminium market is analysed by its end use consumption (transport, construction, electrical engineering, machinery and equipment, packaging, foil stock, consumers’ durables and others).
  • The full coverage of aluminium market in terms of volume and value.
  • Coverage of the whole world by eight regions and selected major countries.
  • Discussions on the major megatrends.
  • Detailed analysis of aluminium consumption and its growth in upcoming years.
  • Tables, figures and charts
  • This is a content-rich report with all supportive data is provided in Excel.

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