EHOB Launches ATR+™ System Designed to Prevent Common Caregiver Injuries When Repositioning Patients

INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 15, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EHOB, a leading provider of affordable products created for the effective prevention and treatment of pressure injury/ulcers, has introduced a new product line designed to lower the risk of injuries common with healthcare professionals and caregivers who routinely turn or reposition patients.

EHOB’s new ATR+™ system helps caregivers turn and reposition patients who are restricted to a bed (either long-term or short-term) with technology and components that reduce caregiver strain thus decreasing injuries.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, hospital workers suffer nearly 59,000 incidences of work-related injuries that result in missed days of work. Further, nearly half (48%) of these workplace injuries resulting in days away from work are caused by over-exertion or bodily reaction. Because of these workplace injuries, hospitals have a total annual expense of $2 billion, according to the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA). When a nurse is off with a workplace injury, the estimated cost of a replacement nurse is between $27,000 to $103,000, including separation, recruiting, hiring, orientation and training. 

The ATR+ system’s name represents the product’s Anti-Shear, Turning and Repositioning capabilities Plus MicroClimate ability. As a turning and repositioning aid that also helps prevent skin injuries for patients who are restricted to a bed, the ATR+ system consists of the ATR+ repositioning sheet, a ComfortTop™ pad and an ATR+ wedge set.

  • ATR+ Repositioning Sheet – EHOB has designed a product that is made of stronger material and the best stitching that doesn’t tear and reduces friction when used properly. Wider handles make the ATR+ repositioning sheet user-friendly for the caregiver yet doesn’t interfere with patient care or comfort. The single-use sheet allows the patient to be turned easily by caregivers, while protecting the patient from shear forces in the bed. This breathable MicroClimate sheet decreases the risk of injuries to caregivers.
  • ComfortTop Pad – This state-of-the-art incontinence pad absorbs fast, traps moisture and is fastest to dry. The disposable pad has adhesive strips that help keep the pad affixed to the ATR+ repositioning sheet.
  • ATR+ Wedge – The wedge allows the patient to be positioned at the recommended 30-degree angle and offers distinct advantages versus a pillow, as the wedge is designed not to flatten but still contour to the body. Fully covered with the same material as the ATR+ repositioning sheet, the wedge can be wiped clean and has the same anti-friction technology. The wedge leaves ample room for caregivers to administer hand checks.

“Patients restricted to a bed ideally are repositioned every two hours. This requires caregivers to routinely perform motions that can cause strain and fatigue which can likely lead to workplace injuries. The ATR+ system will be a welcomed addition to caregivers who often struggle with common strains related to repositioning patients,” said Scott Rogers, President and COO of EHOB.  “This safe patient handling system was specifically designed to aid caregivers to more easily turn and reposition. We also offer special accessories that work in conjunction with the ATR+ repositioning sheet that will make it significantly easier for caregivers to laterally move patients.”

In addition to the caregiver safety benefits, healthcare professionals can rely on the ATR+ system to offer positive features for their patients, including best-possible breathable sheet, moisture uptake and wicking, dry time and friction reduction.

Jim Spahn, MD, EHOB’s founder and Medical Director explained that caregivers are often more concerned about the safety of their patients rather than their own self-being.

“Sometimes more important to caregivers, is that the ATR+ system works to reduce the shear force of repositioning that frequently leads to increased risk for skin tears when the patient is in a bed with high-friction cotton sheets,” said Dr. Spahn. “Patients restricted to a bed can have significant issues with temperature, humidity and airflow. These issues can cause dry skin and brittle skin breaks as well as moist skin injuries. At EHOB, we have used our 30-plus years of expertise in preventing pressure injuries and created a new product line that works to eliminate these common issues.”

Optional accessories to the ATR+ system include:

  • ERGO Straps – removable extension straps to alleviate the caregiver’s need to reach, which puts caregivers at increased risk for injury.
  • SAFEGlide and SAFEGlide Ultra – a disposable (or reusable) friction reduction device which can be used with the ATR+ repositioning sheet to help further reduce the effort needed from caregivers to laterally transfer the patient.

“Overall, the ATR+ system will be a great addition to EHOB’s product portfolio,” said Rogers. “As we continue to increase the products we offer healthcare facilities, we take considerable pride in our ability to design and create products that prevent injuries to patients and increase safety for caregivers.”

About EHOB

EHOB offers many products for pressure injury prevention and treatment, including mattress overlays, seating cushions, day chair pads, lower-limb protectors, positioning aids and more. More than 2,200 hospitals, nursing homes and home caregivers rely on EHOB’s support surfaces. To learn more about the ATR+ system, visit The product is available for purchase through EHOB’s nationwide resellers.


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