NextShift Robotics Granted Patent for Materials Handling Workflow

Flexible, collaborative, independent robotics systems improve workflow and boost productivity for ecommerce order fulfillment and cellular manufacturing

Lowell, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

LOWELL, Mass., Nov. 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NextShift Robotics, a provider of robotics systems for  ecommerce order fulfillment and cellular manufacturing, today announced that it was granted Patent # US9694977 B2 by the United States Patent Office for its materials handling workflow.

NextShift Robotics’ systems:

  • Optimize workflow and support the promise of “immediate” delivery consumers have come to expect from ecommerce.
  • Are easily added to existing warehouses and distribution centers, making facilities efficient, effective and more productive.
  • Support a healthier work environment amid increased awareness of the need to improve working conditions in distribution centers and factories.

NextShift Robotics’ patented workflow supports independent robots that collaborate with workers but do not rely on them. “We take a very different approach from others in the industry,” said Mary Ellen Sparrow, co-founder and CEO of NextShift Robotics. “Our patented solution enables truly independent robots, meaning employees can take well-deserved breaks or have lunch while the robots continue working. This approach improves workflow at manufacturing and distribution sites to boost efficiency and productivity, and drive a competitive advantage.”

Fulfillment centers need to compete for an ever-shrinking and increasingly-targeted labor pool. There is an increased awareness of the stresses and challenges for workers at both ecommerce distribution centers and manufacturing sites. Working conditions, including whether a worker is lifting heavy objects, performing repetitive tasks and walking long distances, are central issues in determining the quality of working conditions.

NextShift’s scalable solution also provides the ability to quickly and easily integrate into an existing facility setup. Even distribution centers and manufacturing sites with existing infrastructure can graduate to a scalable and flexible materials handling solution.

Consumer expectations around delivery are increasingly focused on immediate gratification; overnight or two-day delivery can seem slow when some ecommerce giants are delivering in hours. NextShift Robotics helps accelerate order fulfillment, and  efficient manufacturing workflow with its flexible collaborative materials handling solution.

The NextShift Robotics patent can be found online at the U.S. Patent Office.

About NextShift Robotics
NextShift Robotics provides robotic systems focused on the future of ecommerce order fulfillment and cellular manufacturing. The company’s patented solution provides customers with an independent robot/independent worker approach. Unlike other solutions, NextShift Robotics provides a patented workflow, scalable solution and the ability to quickly and easily integrate into an existing facility setup. Learn more at:

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