Top Chromebook Black Friday 2017 Deals Compared by Cyber Monday Hero

Cyber Monday Hero have published their official round-up of the best Chromebook Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts for 2017


SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 23, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cyber Monday Hero have tracked prices across a number of retailers to find the most popular Chromebook Black Friday deals of 2017. The best deals this year are:

An alternative to traditional laptops, Chromebooks are versatile devices optimized for web browsing and editing documents online. Lightweight and with battery life often exceeding 12 hours, Chromebook Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are available from a range of manufacturers including Samsung, HP, Acer and Dell. Click here to check the full range of Chromebook deals on Amazon at the moment.

Samsung Chromebooks are reliable devices, available at a range of budget levels and with varying specifications. The Chromebook 3 series is a popular Chromebook with decent entry level specs and is on sale for Black Friday. The Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro are premium options that offer much more powerful internal specs and can be used as tablets with a specialised stylus pen. They are also on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday Hero scout out discounts on a number of popular consumer goods in time for the Black Friday sales week. Black Friday shows no signs of slowing down with retailers gearing up to offer more deals than ever before. Shopper numbers and total spending in 2017 are expected to be up on previous years. According to a recent survey published by the National Retail Federation (NRF), spending over the holiday shopping season has been rising at 5% per annum since the start of the decade. Total spending peaked at approximately $650 billion in 2016.

The Black Friday sales week has transitioned over the years from an in-store sales day to a week long event with purchases just as likely to be made online as in physical stores. In 2016 an estimated 52% of shoppers went online to shop for Black Friday weekend, according to data from the NRF Survey.

Black Friday week starts on November 20th with online sales from the biggest retailers starting at 12AM. Deals culminate on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which fall on November 24th and November 27th.

Throughout Black Friday week the team at Cyber Monday Hero are continually monitoring and posting new Black Friday and Cyber Monday Chromebook deals on their website.

About Cyber Monday Hero: Cyber Monday Hero compare the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals available on a range of popular consumer electronics products. Cyber Monday Hero participate in affiliate programs including the Amazon Associates program and earn income by providing links to and other websites.


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