Infinite Campus Selects Kimono as Grading Services Partner

Blaine, Minn., Nov. 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infinite Campus, the most trusted name in student information, is excited to announce that Kimono, an interoperability platform, is now a Grading Services Partner. This partnership integrates Infinite Campus student information system (SIS) with a connection through Kimono to Kimono-supported learning management systems (LMSs).

Kimono enables supported LMSs to exchange real-time data with Infinite Campus SIS, which provides teachers and students a valuable tool: assignment score passback. When teachers using a Kimono-supported LMS update their scores, those will be reflected in their Campus Grade Book.

Kimono works by continuously acquiring data and exchanging it over a Publish & Subscribe architecture, helping to improve the accuracy and accessibility of student information.

“We’re excited to be working with Kimono and offer this powerful integration to customers,” said Charlie Kratsch, Infinite Campus CEO and Founder. “Campus was the first SIS to be OneRoster v1.1 Grading Services API certified, it’s important that we partner with other IMS Global certified vendors.”

“This partnership helps connect teachers with tools they frequently use, which will save them time and reduce errors,” said Dr. Barry Brahier, Product Manager for Teaching and Learning at Infinite Campus. “By integrating with Kimono, we are ensuring that teachers spend more time teaching, which furthers our mission of Transforming K12 Education®.”

“The ability to share instructional data is becoming crucial for our partners. Educators need to be able to utilize data from disparate applications to provide the best integrated teaching and learning experiences possible. Leveraging open industry standards, like OneRoster, allow us to share class rosters and grades across multiple systems,” said Steve Curtis, CEO at Kimono. “We are happy to add Infinite Campus to our growing list of partners and systems. Canvas LMS customers, in particular, will appreciate how this integration helps make teaching and learning easier.”

Infinite Campus school districts that rely upon Kimono to provide assignment score passback from the Instructure Canvas LMS will have access as early as Q1 2018.

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About Infinite Campus
As the most trusted name in student information, Infinite Campus manages 7.8 million students in 45 states. For more than 20 years, Infinite Campus has successfully implemented its solutions for customers of all sizes, from those with fewer than 100 students to those with more than 600,000 students. Infinite Campus customers include school districts, regional consortia, state departments of education and the federal government.

About Kimono
Kimono is a premium interoperability platform that connects the student information system with other applications. Through iPaaS, or integration platform as a service, Kimono helps districts and schools solve complex, evolving integration problems with real-time solutions that improve the accuracy, accessibility, and privacy of student information. Built by the most skilled and innovative team in educational data management, Kimono’s multi-tenant, cloud-based platform is the most comprehensive solution on the market. Kimono currently serves eight states and over 2,600 districts. 


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