Dynapower Deploys First DC-to-DC Converters for Utility-Scale Solar Plus Storage

South Burlington, Vermont, UNITED STATES

SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt., Dec. 05, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dynapower Company, the world leader in energy storage inverters and converters, is pleased to announce the first deployments of its patent-pending, UL-listed DPS-250 DC converters in utility-scale solar plus storage projects in the Southeastern United States The deployments at three project sites are with two of the nation’s largest independent power producers.

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/c0fa47d7-7229-4c67-af59-96b1806e148b

“For utility-scale solar developers, using a  DPS-250 to couple energy storage with their new, or existing, solar installations will increase energy production which will increase revenue and profits for the developer,” said Chip Palombini, sales manager for Dynapower’s Energy Storage Group. “The DPS-250 solar plus storage converter is a cost-effective product that enables developers to add storage to solar projects at a lower cost & higher overall efficiency than AC coupled solutions.”

Dynapower’s DPS line of patent-pending DC converters include a bi-directional, UL-listed 250kW converter that can be paralleled to larger configurations to meet the need of utility-scale installations. A 375kW converter with the same capabilities as the 250kW is available as well. Dynapower’s DC converters are designed to be the most cost-effective option for coupling utility-scale solar and energy storage for both existing and new installations.

“With over 400MWs of energy storage inverters deployed worldwide, Dynapower has a long history of innovation in energy storage,” said Adam Knudsen, president of Dynapower. “Our DPS line of patent-pending DC converters is another example of our passion for innovation, and facilitates a cost-effective solution to reliably integrating a higher percentage of renewable energy within our nation’s power grid to further lessen our dependency on fossil fuels.”

As of December 2016, there was more than 21.5 GWs of utility-scale solar in the United States, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. That number is expected to double by 2020. Because its availability depends on exposure to the sun, standalone solar is an intermittent non-dispatchable asset. Coupling energy storage with utility-scale solar makes PV-generated energy dispatchable, and an available asset to the grid when the sun is not shining.

Dynapower Company
With facilities in South Burlington, Vermont and Union City, California, Dynapower is the leading independent manufacturer of energy storage inverters for utility and commercial & industrial applications. Over the last decade, Dynapower has deployed over 400MWs of inverters, converters and complete energy storage systems in over 150 projects in 12 different countries.  These projects have saved businesses monies on their electricity bills, provided back battery power to critical facilities, and helped island nations be powered by 100 percent renewables.

Dynapower DPS-250 DC-to-DC Converter

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