VUCA Health Adds 10 States to its Portfolio of Pharmacy Boards Aligned with its Electronic Medication Information Delivery Method

Rapid adoption by states supports VUCA’s focus on leveraging leading-edge technologies to drive improvements in patient education and health literacy while reducing associated costs

 Lake Mary, Fla., Dec. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VUCA Health today announced that it has added 10 more states to the list of boards of pharmacy supporting its eco-friendly approach to delivering medication information. There are now 33 states aligning with the company’s electronic drug information delivery campaign, which launched in 2016 with the goal of addressing low health literacy while reducing the high costs associated with “dispensing” paper education materials.

Pharmacy board executives in California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, and West Virginia became the latest to embrace the next generation of patient communications—delivery of medication information in an on-demand, digital and eco-friendly electronic format. As part of its information campaign, VUCA is working closely with state pharmacy board executives to enable patients to opt in to receiving medication information electronically through the MedsOnCue solution.

Key to the success of VUCA’s campaign is the company’s ability to leverage emerging technologies to stay on the leading edge of information delivery. This includes early adoption of Quick Response (QR) code technology to simplify patient access to its video-based medication information—a decision validated with recent moves by Apple and Google to make more native QR code technology available on iPhones, iPads and other devices running iOS 11 and Android phones featuring Google’s camera app. 

“The move by these technology powerhouses to simplify QR code scanning also speaks to the vision we had to link important medication information directly to the prescription label,” said VUCA Health CEO David Medvedeff, PharmD, MBA. “The combination means that patients and families can watch medication videos and other education information whenever and wherever they want to simply by opening their smartphone’s camera. Discarding or misplacing the important information provided by the pharmacy is now a thing of the past.”

Looking ahead to 2018, Next Generation Packaging Market - Global Industry Analysis predicts that the “trend that follows with the growth of the next generation packaging market includes increasing research and development spending on packaging technology, growing adoption of QR codes on packaging and development of advanced sensors” – a trend that VUCA adopted and integrated long before top tech companies.

“When it comes to healthcare and patient safety, getting the right information in a timely manner is critical,” said Medvedeff. “VUCA’s mission is to optimize delivery of accurate drug information directly to the pharmacy and their patients, effectively reducing costs and improving health literacy while helping pharmacies realize significant savings and improve patient outcomes.”

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Based in Lake Mary, Fla., VUCA Health ( provides a gateway to patient engagement that serves as an on-demand extension of pharmacists and other healthcare providers. The company’s MedsOnCue solution leverages advanced mobile, web and on-demand video and communication technologies to deliver trusted patient information that enhances the medication use process. It offers a convenient and cost-effective way for clients to provide on-demand patient medication information and strengthen customer connections with video briefings, web messaging, reminders and alerts and a host of other customizable services that extend and enhance the patient relationship.


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