Akers Biosciences Secures Further Intellectual Property Protection for Akers Wellness Line

Thorofare, New Jersey, UNITED STATES

THOROFARE, N.J., Dec. 08, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Akers Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKER) (AIM: AKR.L), (“Akers Bio” or the "Company"), a developer of rapid health information technologies, announces that its Health and Wellness product line is now protected by ten patents in the US, the European Union, Japan, China and Hong Kong, with additional patents pending in the European Union and India; and six trademark registrations in the US.

The patents address three novel areas of technology developed by Akers Bio for the Company’s Akers Wellness™ line.

The first group of three patents expand the US protection already granted to further countries and cover the unique design of the disposable cartridge which contains the reagent for the detection of wellness markers in exhaled breath. The reagent contained within is analyzed using optical scanning technology after contact with the user's breath sample and produces a quantitative result through the Akers Wellness™ app on the user's smartphone or tablet. Included in the patent group are the unique form factor, optical lens and read elements and the unique 'U' shaped airflow pathway.

A second group of three patents cover the Company's BreathScan Lync™ technology. BreathScan Lync™ is the new bluetooth-enabled reading device from Akers Wellness™ which enables users to track the results of Akers Wellness™ breath-based tests via their mobile device.

A third group of four patents cover the device and apparatus used to determine levels of ketones in exhaled breath indicative of ketosis, an optimal fat-burning state for weight loss.

Akers Wellness™ breath tests, such as BreathScan OxiChek™ and BreathScan KetoChek™, are designed to help promote, track and/or encourage choices related to general health and wellbeing; to achieve an optimal metabolic state for fitness or endurance events; or to support weight loss. Unlike current laboratory testing methods that use an invasive blood draw - and have a turnaround time of 7 to 10 days - Akers Bio's rapid tests work with a person's exhaled breath in just a few minutes.

BreathScan OxiChek™ is the first disposable breath test to rapidly determine levels of oxidative stress in the body by measuring the levels of certain free radicals, such as hydrogen peroxide. Frequent use of BreathScan OxiChek™ may help health practitioners, such as anti-aging, functional and integrative health and wellness consultants, nutritionists, chiropractors and fitness coaches to monitor and adjust their clients' regimen of diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation in order to manage oxidative stress - an indicator of the overall health and wellbeing of a person.

The BreathScan KetoChek™ test rapidly determines if the subject is in the optimal fat-burning state for weight loss, known as ketosis. Achieving a state of ketosis - as indicated by the measure of breath ketones - is a goal of many individuals following low carbohydrate diets. BreathScan KetoChek™ is a simple, non-invasive test to identify, track and quantitatively monitor breath ketones for individuals interested in achieving an optimal metabolic state for fitness or endurance events, or for maximizing weight loss.

John J. Gormally, Chief Executive Officer of Akers Bio, commented: “We are very pleased to announce that Akers Bio has successfully expanded its intellectual property position. These initiatives further support our strategic goal of delivering innovative, pioneering and transformational products that exceed customer expectations and contribute profitable growth for the company.”

Raymond F. Akers, Jr. PhD, Executive Chairman and Chief Scientific Director of Akers Bio, commented: "Akers Wellness™ is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of its customers and we believe that BreathScan OxiChek™ and BreathScan KetoChek will have a significant impact on this goal. We are pleased that the intellectual property of these key products of our future is very well protected.”

About Akers Biosciences, Inc.

Akers Bio develops, manufactures, and supplies rapid screening and testing products designed to deliver quicker and more cost-effective healthcare information to healthcare providers and consumers. The Company has advanced the science of diagnostics while responding to major shifts in healthcare through the development of several proprietary platform technologies. The Company's state-of-the-art rapid diagnostic assays can be performed virtually anywhere in minutes when time is of the essence. The Company has aligned with major healthcare companies and high volume medical product distributors to maximize product offerings, and to be a major worldwide competitor in diagnostics.

Additional information on the Company and its products can be found at www.akersbio.com. Follow us on Twitter @AkersBio.

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