MaritzCX Digital Customer Conversation Technology Wins Innovation Award from TMC


Lehi, Utah, Dec. 11, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Lehi, Utah, December 11, 2017—MaritzCX® digital customer conversation-based technology that captures mobile voice-to-text customer experiences with intelligent probing and analytics-triggered employee alerts wins 2017 Customer Magazine TMC Labs Innovation Award.

The Award is presented to a select group of applicants based on thorough reviews conducted by the editors of Customer magazine and the engineers at TMC Labs. “Based on applications received, TMC Labs chooses only those products considered the best-of-the-best in customer experience (CX), contact center, call center, and CRM solutions.”

Rather than merely “checking a box” as is the case with traditional surveys, MaritzCX’s technology breaks new ground. Now, companies are able to have natural and data-rich conversations with customers at scale through digital voice-to-text technology. The technology intelligently probes customer conversations on various aspects based on response, much like a human interviewer would, but during a digital survey experience; and gives companies the ability to either reinforce a good experience or resolve any issues that customers discuss in those conversations through text analytics-triggered employee alerts.

"Companies can now greatly improve their customer experience and CX datasets at scale – with thousands of smart, automated conversations happening in real-time," said Michelle Turner, product director at MaritzCX. "Driving better action on CX data has long been a goal of MaritzCX. With these innovative, digital-first solutions, customers can experience meaningful dialogue in a truly conversational way, and our clients can more quickly understand the root cause of customer issues and respond to drive quicker resolution."

This MaritzCX digital technology, which is currently being used by some of the world’s largest retailers and businesses, has proven to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The components of the technology include: 

  1. Voice-driven surveys: Customers provide survey feedback using their voice vs. typing a response. Today the majority of customers respond to CX surveys via mobile devices and, typically, mobile survey responders provide 25-40 percent fewer open-ended responses than desktop survey responders. Voice-driven surveys make it easier for mobile responders to provide commentary resulting in 70-100 percent more words from customers.
  2. SmartProbe™: This intelligent technology automatically probes customers on various aspect of their response during a digital survey experience – much a like a real human interviewer would probe and dig deeper. It has proven to deliver both a higher volume of feedback and more detail. Research has shown that customers that interacted with SmartProbe provided an average of 10-15 additional words to describe their experience. Any additional text-based feedback directly from customers is highly valuable in the customer experience improvement process.
  3. Text Analytic-Triggered Employee Alerts/Cases: This innovation allows companies to identify key problems or service failures in the expansive amount of customer conversations they may collect and route to employees for follow up and resolution. For example, one common use case of this technology is can automatically identify customers who share feedback about possible customer defection (i.e. account closing, shopping around, etc.) and send customer cases to front line employees for customer contact and recovery efforts.

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