Tyler M. Carey Inducted Into the Stationers’ Company

Made a Freeman in Ceremony on December 5

DANBURY, Conn., Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Westchester Publishing Services’ Chief Revenue Officer, Tyler M. Carey, on December 5, 2017 was inducted as a Freeman into the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers, a highly prestigious honor for anyone in publishing. Known more informally as the Stationers’ Company, the London-based institution dates back more than 600 years to 1403, when it was established for the purposes of providing manuscript writers and illuminators with a collective means for promotion, protection and regulation of their trade. In current times, the Stationers’ Company serves as a thought-sharing and networking organization for individuals and companies in the publishing and communications industries, as well as a fundraising organization for the industry as a whole and for its Academy School in London which teaches the profession of publishing.

Carey is one of a limited number of active Freemen based in the United States, and his induction is in recognition of his significant service within the publishing industry. William Alden, Clerk of the Stationers’ Company commented, “We are delighted to welcome Tyler Carey to the growing number of US-based members of the Company.  As such a distinguished supplier of publishing services, he will greatly enhance our membership in this very important sector.”

Carey’s successful efforts during his tenure at Westchester Publishing Services include growing the company’s stateside presence through the addition of dozens of clients, and the company’s more recent, further expansion into the UK, which he identified as a market with significant growth potential for the nearly 50 year old employee-owned company. According to Paul J. Crecca, Westchester’s President, “Tyler’s extensive research determined UK publishers had significant pre-press production requirements which were not being completely fulfilled by existing providers, providing Westchester the opportunity to offer its services as a premier provider of quality editorial, design, and composition services to the UK market. Among the solutions UK publishers rely on Westchester for are UK-specific editorial and proofreading capabilities provided by Director of Editorial Services, Susan Baker and her team.”

Westchester Publishing Services is the only US-based, employee-owned company with more than 400 editorial and production staff, including more than two dozen Book Project Managers and Production Editors on staff, augmented by a freelance network comprised of over 300 copyeditors, proofreaders, indexers, and designers. Our singular commitment to pre-press production services extends to the 100% ownership of our composition facilities located in India. These facilities are closely managed by Westchester’s US-based production staff, ensuring a consistently high-quality product for our more than 120 publisher clients, including trade publishers such as Bloomsbury, Macmillan, and W.W. Norton, along with university presses such as Harvard University Press, Columbia University Press, and The MIT Press.

About Westchester Publishing Services:
Founded in 1969, Westchester Publishing Services is the only U.S. employee-owned company concentrating in editorial, composition, and digital conversion services. Westchester Publishing Services has been a trusted partner to the US publishing industry for decades with clients including Macmillan, Harvard University Press, W.W. Norton, The MIT Press, and Bloomsbury. In 2014, Westchester Publishing Services became a 100% employee-owned company through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). In 2017, Westchester Publishing Services launched a new division, Westchester K-12 Publishing Services to serve the needs of educational publishers.

For information about our expanded offerings, please contact: Nicole Tomassi, Marketing and Conferences Manager for Westchester Publishing Services, at: 203-658-7135 or nicole.tomassi@westchesterpubsvcs.com. Further information is also available at: www.westchesterpublishingservices.com.

About the Stationers’ Company:
The Stationers’ Company is the City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content industries. The Company’s mission is to be the most effective independent forum in the UK Communications and Content industries, actively contributing to the strategic development, success and education of these industries. The majority of its members work in or supply the paper, print, publishing, packaging, office products, newspaper, broadcasting, and online media industries. See www.stationers.org.

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