Voip-Pal.com, Inc. Was Granted Notice of Allowance (Intention to Grant) of the RBR Patent in EUROPE

The European patent covers 28 European Union countries

Bellevue, Washington, UNITED STATES

BELLEVUE, Wash., Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Voip-Pal.com Inc. (“Voip-Pal”, “Company”) (OTCQB:VPLM) is pleased to announce it was granted Notice of Allowance (Intention to Grant) of its main parent patent, Routing, Billing & Rating (RBR) patent by the European Patent Office, European Patent Application No. 07816106.4 (2084868).

Additionally, the Company is announcing the issuance by the USPTO of two new patents; US Patent No. 9,813,330, issued on November 7, 2017, Producing Routing Messages for Voice Over IP Communications, and US Patent No. 9,826,002, issued on November 21, 2017, Producing Routing Messages for Voice Over IP Communications. Both are continuations to the RBR patent. On December 4, 2017, the Company also received a Notice of Allowance from the USPTO for Patent Application No. 14/325,181, Allocating Charges for Communications Services, also a continuation of the RBR patent.

Emil Malak, CEO of Voip-Pal, stated, “This is long awaited news that holds great promise for our Company and our shareholders.  European allowance of our main patent, the RBR, will allow us to have representation in all 28 countries in the EU.  Expansion into Europe will add significant value to our already valuable US patent portfolio. The team of engineers and I began designing and developing this technology back in 2004.  Patience is a virtue.”

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