Stargaze Entertainment Group Inc. announces the creation and development of its digital distribution platform and online entertainment center, STARFLIC.COM.

PLATTSBURG, N.Y., Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stargaze Entertainment Group Inc. (USOTC:STGZ), an entertainment production and distribution company, announced today that it has contracted an international web development company to build and develop a web portal that will house STARFLIC.COM, the Company’s digital media platform.

STARFLIC.COM will be the distribution arm of STARGAZE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP INC. and is set up to distribute original content created and produced by the Company as well as content provided by other various producers and suppliers. This includes movies, television series and shows as well as music and digital games.

“I have always been interested in and motivated by the concept of an entertainment center as part of a social media network where users can congregate for all of their entertainment needs as well as interact and communicate with one another. STARFLIC.COM is the creation and implementation of such a concept,” announced Mr. Tony Green, President and CEO. “From the start of my tenure, my goal has been to build and propel this company forward by driving growth and increasing shareholder value. STARFLIC.COM is one of the select projects we have undertaken that promises to bring fruition to our corporate vision.”

About Stargaze Entertainment Group Inc.
Stargaze Entertainment Group Inc. (STGZ) is an entertainment company focused on the creation, production and distribution of original and licensed media content of music, film and television.

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