Florida Hospital Nicholson Center Announces New Mobile Broadcast Solution, the B-Hive

Surgical training center launches affordable virtual training platform for interactive remote education and direct surgeon-to-learner communication

Celebration, Florida, UNITED STATES

CELEBRATION, Fla., Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Florida Hospital Nicholson Center, one of the leading robotic training centers in the country, today announces the launch of the B-Hive, an adaptable mobile broadcast hardware that allows for a unique and customized learning experience. The B-Hive combines video conferencing with advanced surgical training on a mass scale, designed to provide both practicing and upcoming surgeons with a user-friendly, visual education for new medical devices and procedures.

“We saw the need for a device like the B-Hive when our production team would travel the country to help OR teams broadcast their physician’s surgeries. Having a whole production team in the OR can be intrusive, distracting and expensive, so we created an all-in-one solution to solve this problem” said Steven Thekan, co-creator of the B-Hive and digital services supervisor of the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center. “The B-Hive is all-inclusive, remotely operated, and highly interactive. As remote learning continues to thrive, we’re excited to see our educational options meet training needs at a similar pace.”

The B-Hive is adaptable to almost every medical device image source and can convert the variety of signal types into a single broadcast signal, which can then be sent to any desktop, tablet or smart phone. All cameras, microphones and adapters are fully included with the box, and set-up is user-friendly and low-maintenance. The Nicholson Center offers support services, troubleshooting and  remotely controls the entire training event.  

“With video calls becoming part of our daily lives, it only makes sense for training to keep up with this technology,” said Steven Thekan. “The bi-directional nature of the B-Hive allows for real-time conversation between parties across the globe. In-person training can often mean spending money on hotel, flights, lab fees and other expenses. Whereas remote learning, in this capacity, serves as a cost-effective alternative with unmatched technological accuracy.”

The B-Hive is now available for use. To schedule a live demonstration with the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center, please contact the technicians to learn more.


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