7Park Data Launches Healthcare Intelligence Leveraging Longitudinal Treatment and Dispensing Data from Specialty Pharmacies

New Offering Delivers Unparalleled Insight into Oncology Drug Markets for Quantitative and Fundamental Investors


NEW YORK, Dec. 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 7Park Data, the leading aggregator of alternative data, today announced the release of Healthcare Intelligence, a new offering that enables investors to better analyze oncology markets with pharmaceutical dispensing data for specialty drugs. Healthcare Intelligence covers hundreds of drugs dispensed at nearly 500 clinical facilities representing hundreds of thousands of patients in the United States.

Oncology drugs are not captured by retail pharmacy point-of-sale data, creating a blind spot for investors. Healthcare Intelligence fills this critical insights gap by capturing activity directly at the point of care. Quantitative and fundamental analysts can use Healthcare Intelligence to track market share in real time, more accurately model drug revenues, understand the impact of new market entrants on incumbents and monitor off-label usage.
Healthcare Intelligence provides insights into:

  • Trends for oral vs. infusion-administered medications
  • Adoption of cutting edge treatments like Anti-PD1s and Tyrosine Kinase inhibitors
  • Market share trends among the leading PARP inhibitors, Zejula, Rubraca and Lynparza, for patients in Ovarian

“Effective modeling of the rapidly-evolving oncology marketplace requires longitudinal patient-level treatment data,” said Rishit Shah, Chief Product Officer at 7Park Data. “Traditional sources available to investors lack visibility into oncology treatment markets, resulting in less accurate forecasts. Healthcare Intelligence delivers critical patient-level dosage and volume information in otherwise opaque markets. Providing insight into oncology markets establishes a beachhead for 7Park Data as we expand visibility for our clients into other areas of healthcare.”

Healthcare Intelligence is available via API, bulk delivery, and Excel reports covering certain medications and drug classes. To learn more about Healthcare Intelligence, please visit: http://info.7parkdata.com/healthcare-intelligence.

About 7Park Data

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Aaron Endre