KALEAO’s KMAX Brings Extraordinary Compute to Hyperconverged Market

KMAX provides 10X better compute density while saving energy supporting significant ROI

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

CHARLOTTE, N.C. and CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, Dec. 18, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KALEAO, a technologically innovative hyperconverged server solutions company, today announced the findings of recent performance benchmarks performed on the company’s KMAX platform.  KMAX is demonstrating a 10-fold increase in compute density over commodity-server based infrastructure, while delivering the same throughput using a quarter of the energy typically used.  

These performance results are powered by the unique scale-out-optimized architecture KMAX provides, delivering the true-convergence of the three-tier data center to provide up to 960 GB/s of external bandwidth through up to 24x 40 GB/s QSFP port while embedding the equivalent of 384 ports of switching along with two tiers of flash storage in the same chassis as 1,536 cores of compute – a revolutionary platform for the enterprise data center.

Each of the 192 processors within a KMAX 3RU chassis are directly attached to a 128 GB UFS disk-on-module for a total local first tier storage capacity of 24 TB with an aggregate bandwidth of over 80 GB/s and 11M IOPS. In addition, each chassis also provides 48 NVMe 2.5” SSD slots providing up to an additional 368 TB of flash storage for hyperconverged infrastructures.

Additionally, each of the 12 blades within the chassis are capable of responding to over 100,000 simultaneous web page requests with only one millisecond of latency, which is an order of magnitude above anything else in the market.

“We have been promoting a message of disruptiveness and revolution in the market, based on our prediction of KMAX’s performance,” said Professor John Goodacre, co-founder and CSO, KALEAO. “Our recent findings show that we have delivered on that promise of disruption, even exceeding expectations in areas like network bandwidth, compute capabilities and reduced power consumption. We know our performance benchmark findings are impressive. KMAX is ready for primetime and KALEAO is ready to bring it to the enterprise data center.”

A replay of the performance benchmark webinar may be found here:

KALEAO is spearheading the new generation of enterprise and cloud computing by natively converging computation, storage, networking and virtualization into compact, energy efficient, transparent, integrated hardware and software solutions. Its flagship product, KMAX, offers true converged infrastructure in an extremely compact, scalable and low power platform. KMAX provides all of the benefits of hyperconvergence with advanced software defined hardware and integrated appliance level web-scale application delivery and management platform. KMAX delivers more for less, enabling the effortless deployment and management of the services required across the cloud and modern business. Find out more about KMAX and KALEAO at www.kaleao.com

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