New “Test and Treatment” Allergy Program Enables All Physicians To Provide Convenient And Effective Allergy Care

New York City, Dec. 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pediatric Allergy Solutions (“PAS”) and Allovate Therapeutics (“Allovate®”) announce that they have signed an exclusive agreement to combine PAS’s simple and minimally invasive fingerstick allergy test (the “Test”) and Allovate’s Allerdent®, a patented toothpaste-based system for the delivery of allergy immunotherapy (the “Treatment”) to enable primary care physicians to offer personalized allergy care. 

Allergy immunotherapy has been shown to significantly reduce or eliminate the body's allergic responses to pollen, animal dander, dust, and other allergens. PAS and its sister organization, Optimum Allergy Solutions, are bringing a unique allergy immunotherapy-centered “Test and Treatment” program to over 250,000 primary care physicians across the U.S. PAS will expand access to accurate diagnosis and desensitization therapy for the 60 million Americans who suffer symptoms of airborne allergies.

Clinicians who take part in the PAS program are now able to test allergy sufferers for specific allergies with a simple and safe fingerstick blood test, exclusive to the PAS program, requiring only drops of blood. The dried blood samples are sent to a PAS laboratory partner to be assessed for 145 different respiratory and food allergy sensitivities using a proprietary macroarray based technology. The laboratory sends the diagnostic report back to the clinician to be reviewed with the patient. The physician can then prescribe a personalized and convenient allergy immunotherapy for respiratory allergies in the form of a specialized toothpaste – Allerdent®

Allerdent® is a patented oral mucosal immunotherapy system that uses a specially formulated, fully-functional toothpaste into which proteins, such as FDA-approved respiratory immunotherapy agents, can be stably incorporated. This format enables patients to administer daily immunotherapy as they brush their teeth. By coupling a daily oral care activity with allergy immunotherapy, Allerdent® can help resolve the “crisis of compliance” that limits the use and effectiveness of other forms of allergy immunotherapy, such as painful subcutaneous injections. 

"Our agreement with PAS will make Allerdent® available to general practitioners in all 50 states. We’re excited to partner with PAS to roll out their “Test and Treatment” program featuring Allerdent® to general practitioner and pediatric clinicians throughout the U.S.,” said Erick Berglund, PhD., Co-Founder and CEO of Allovate®.

"We know that the vast majority of allergy sufferers currently only manage their symptoms because of the inconvenience of receiving weekly immunotherapy shots at an allergist’s office. I am confident that this program will finally bring effective allergy immunotherapy within reach for a large percentage of allergy sufferers due to the ease of doing something that we already do each morning, which is simply brushing our teeth," said Richard Orchard, Co-Founder of PAS. "The importance of primary care and pediatric physicians having access to this simple and accurate “Test and Treatment” combination cannot be overstated.”

“In my 30 years of experience I have never witnessed the amount of immediate and unsolicited interest I have received from distributors, sales representatives, physicians and allergy sufferers. The PAS program is being well received as there effectively has not been any new test or treatment solutions for allergy sufferers in over 25 years. In addition to the U.S., we are also talking with the ministries of health in 20 countries to address this global need.” Michael Blundetto, Co-Founder of PAS.

Physicians interested in learning about the PAS allergy “Test and Treatment” program should call PAS at (877) 321-6337 ext. 4.

Distributors, sales representatives and allergy sufferers interested in locating a physician offering the PAS program can contact PAS at

About Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy
Allergen-specific immunotherapy is the only treatment method that targets the root cause of allergies, consistently exposing the allergy sufferer's immune system to small amounts of allergen proteins to desensitize them to the allergens over time. Oral mucosal immunotherapy (“OMIT”) uses a proprietary, specially formulated toothpaste to incorporate and stabilize allergenic proteins that are administered while users brush their teeth. OMIT simplifies long-term daily adherence to immunotherapy for patients, while delivering key agents to broad areas of the oral cavity, including those with the highest density of the immune cells responsible for effecting immunotherapy.

About PAS’s Exclusive Macroarray Allergy Testing
PAS affiliated laboratories are the exclusive licensees of the macroarray allergy test. The new fingerstick blood assays for 145 allergic sensitivities (including environmental, non-inhalant, and food allergens), as opposed to an average of 40-50 allergens included on typical allergy tests.

About Allovate Therapeutics
Allovate Therapeutics is a New York City-based biopharmaceutical company founded in 2012 with the mission to improve allergy treatment for all patients. Allovate's lead product, Allerdent®, is designed to deliver proteins, such as immunotherapeutic agents, to the immune system while users brush their teeth. Allovate’s licensee, Intrommune Therapeutics, is exploring allergy immunotherapy for life-threatening food allergies.
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About Pediatric Allergy Solutions
PAS was created to improve the quality of life for millions of patients by providing the most advanced allergy testing and treatment protocols available. Respiratory allergies affect at least 60 million people in the United States, resulting in 11.1 million visits to the doctor in 2010. Symptomatic treatment, at a cost of over $18 billion yearly, keeps symptoms at bay temporarily but does not offer a long-term solution. PAS’s exclusive “Test and Treatment” combines a simple and minimally invasive allergy diagnostic test with easy to use oral mucosal immunotherapy.
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