Wyoming Based Sweetwater River Conservancy Announces Rebrand to Pathfinder Ranches, Invests in Wyoming-Focused Business Strategy

Cheyenne, WY, Dec. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sweetwater River Conservancy, the Cheyenne-based mitigation bank and conservation business has changed its name to Pathfinder Ranches. The Pathfinder Ranches brand represents the history of the 638,000-acre site located outside of Alcova (Wyoming), and the company’s commitment to contributing to the future prosperity of the state of Wyoming. Since being acquired in 2016 by Sammons Enterprises, Inc., the $86 billion global holding company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Pathfinder Ranches has accumulated 122,395 mitigation credits. Credits are available to businesses with a development offset requirement related impacts to the Greater Sage-grouse in Wyoming. The company’s science-based approach to conservation was reviewed by a team of government agencies and credits are sold in accordance with Wyoming’s sage grouse compensatory mitigation framework, which was adopted by Wyoming Governor Matt Mead in July 2017.

In its first year of business under the name Sweetwater River Conservancy, the business completed three credit transactions. Jack Wold, CEO of Wold Energy Partners, LLC in Casper, Wyoming said, “Pathfinder’s sage grouse credits facilitated our efforts to secure a key oil and gas permit in Converse County. The process was straightforward and by utilizing Pathfinder credits, our permit applications were promptly approved by the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission. The project has broken ground, due in large part to Pathfinder’s credits.”

“Sammons has been a long-term investor in Sweetwater River Conservancy, now Pathfinder Ranches. In the year since acquiring the business as its sole owner, the parent company has come to recognize the true potential of this unique business,” said Heather Kreager, Sammons Enterprises CEO. “The team at Pathfinder today has been connected to Wyoming’s efforts to make requirements for development more practical while preserving unique habitats in the state for a number of years,” said Darron Ash, Sammons Enterprises senior vice president. “We’re confident that this team’s approach to mitigation banking will bring business to Wyoming in the form of more energy development projects, supporting Wyoming’s economy and future conservation efforts.”

“Wyoming is home to the Pathfinder Ranches team. We believe with our expertise in habitat management, conservation practices, livestock grazing and knowledge of the design of the mitigation banking framework, the work we do can benefit business and the residents of Wyoming,” said Ryan Lance, senior vice president and general counsel for Pathfinder Ranches.

Since acquiring Pathfinder Ranches in 2016, Sammons Enterprises has invested in building a presence in Wyoming and has built a team with expertise in mitigation banking and conservation local to the state. The change to the Pathfinder Ranches brand marks nearly one year for the company as a Sammons Enterprises business and the first phase implementation of an updated business strategy representing the company’s dedication to moving development projects forward, responsible conservation, and a commitment to local relationships.

About Pathfinder Ranches

Pathfinder Ranches owns and operates a mitigation banking, conservation, and agriculture leasing business on more than 638,000 acres outside of Alcova, Wyoming. The only approved sage-grouse mitigation bank in the state of Wyoming, Pathfinder’s sage-grouse credits help companies to navigate The State of Wyoming project permitting process, allowing them to accelerate development projects in Wyoming and the west. Pathfinder is backed by parent company, Sammons Enterprises, Inc., an $86-billion holding company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. For more information, visit PathfinderRanches.com

About Sammons Enterprises

Sammons Enterprises, Inc. is a diverse holding company composed of financial services, industrial equipment, real estate investment, and infrastructure businesses operating in five countries. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Sammons was established in 1938. With $86 billion in assets, it is one of the largest privately held companies in the U.S. For more information, visit sammonsenterprises.com.


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