BIOLIFE4D Helping Others to Give the Gift of Time this Holiday Season

Company taking indications of interest for upcoming Regulation A+ offering during season of giving; investments in BIOLIFE4D to push forward innovation of life saving heart transplant technology

Buffalo Grove, Illinois, UNITED STATES

CHICAGO, Dec. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BIOLIFE4D, a biotech pioneer leveraging advances in tissue engineering to 3D print human organs viable for transplant, today announced it is taking indications of interest for its upcoming Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding campaign. Interested investors can indicate their interest through the Company website and learn more about how they can give the gift of time this holiday season.

The holidays are a time to be spent enjoying the company of family and friends. Unfortunately, not everyone will get that chance, as thousands of people are stuck in hospitals awaiting lifesaving heart surgeries, or worse, have already succumbed to heart disease. And countless others who are also in need of a lifesaving transplant aren’t even eligible to be on a waiting list. As such, during this season of giving, BIOLIFE4D seeks to partner with the public to provide the gift of time to those who need it most.

“Heart health and organ transplant challenges are serious concerns year-round, but it hits home especially around the holidays when you are gathered around with family and friends. It’s hard to wonder what it would be like if a family member was suddenly not there. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many families every single day as their loved ones battle to survive,” said Steven Morris, CEO, BIOLIFE4D. “BIOLIFE4D wants to give the gift of time. We truly believe we are pioneering a lifesaving scientific process for 3D bioprinting a human heart viable for transplantation. With the help of the public through our Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding campaign, we can continue to accelerate the development of our technology, and get one step closer to ensuring every family gets to gather together for the holidays.”

BIOLIFE4D has filed a $50 million initial public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding rules, allowing everyday investors to help the company bring its groundbreaking cardiac tissue regeneration and organ replacement process to market.  The “Reg A+” rules, outlined under the 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, allow companies to raise up to $50 million in equity from non-accredited investors and others.

“The holidays are also about giving back. It’s a year-round mission for us at BIOLIFE4D as we continue toward development of our technology. And we hope, during this holiday season of giving, others will join to help us give the most valuable gift of all – time,” said Morris.

The BIOLIFE4D bioprinted organ replacement process begins with a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedure used to create a detailed three-dimensional image of a patient’s heart. Using this image, a computer software program will construct a digital model of a new heart for the patient, matching the shape and size of the original. Doctors safely take cells from the patient via a blood sample, and leveraging recent stem cell research breakthroughs, BIOLIFE4D plans to reprogram those blood cells and convert them to create specialized heart cells.

A “bio-ink” is created using the specialized heart cells combined with nutrients and other materials that will help the cells survive the bioprinting process. Bioprinting is done with a 3D bioprinter that is fed the dimensions obtained from the MRI. After printing, the heart is then matured in a bioreactor, conditioned to make it stronger and readied for patient transplant.

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BIOLIFE4D is a pioneering biotech company laser focused on leveraging advances in life sciences and tissue engineering to 3D bioprint a viable human heart suitable for transplant – lifesaving technology that gives patients the gift of time. With BIOLIFE4D, a patient-specific, fully functioning heart will be created through 3D bioprinting using the patient’s own cells – eliminating the well-known challenges of organ rejection and long donor waiting lists that plague existing organ transplant methods. Financed through equity crowdfunding, BIOLIFE4D is driving a movement to transform the treatment of heart disease, the leading cause of death among both men and women globally. Learn more and invest at Connect with us on social media on Twitter (@BIOLIFE4D), Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Although you are currently able to express your interest in investing, BIOLIFE4D Corporation is not yet accepting investments.  No money or other consideration is being solicited by the company at this time, and if sent in response, will not be accepted. No offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until the offering statement is qualified, and any such offer may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind, at any time before notice of its acceptance given after the qualification date. If you indicate interest, your indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

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