Oxygen Breaks Corporate Learning Model with Oxygen Experience

13 self-guided, online episodes aimed at Learning, Training, and Enablement professionals introduces a new way of working by creating role-based business outcomes and metrics more closely aligned with corporate goals

Seattle, Washington, UNITED STATES

SEATTLE, Dec. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oxygen, a company whose mission is to break down silos in the workplace and transform the way people work, announces the availability of Oxygen Experience (O2Exp), an online learning journey aimed at learning, training and enablement professionals across any industry. O2Exp is comprised of 13 self-guided, highly interactive “episodes”, each created with Oxygen’s architected approach to learning design, which identifies critical outcomes and results for the business first, then works backward to create the content. Episodes range in length from five to 15 minutes and are intended to be consumed over time, not binged, with application happening on the job.

Across industries, highly informed customers and fast-paced technical advancements have been making the world of work more complex than ever. People are spending more time taking orders under stress, instead of working proactively and collaboratively. The random, overloaded nature of work prevents organizations from being able to focus exclusively on what people need to know and do to be successful in their role, and instead creates organizational noise and wasted investments.

O2Exp, developed from years of working with mainly Fortune 100 businesses, provides an alternative working model that replaces the cumbersome, silo-ridden methods that have not shifted since industrialized learning became the norm after World War II. With O2Exp, companies instead create training around role-based business outcomes and metrics more closely aligned with corporate and people resource goals.

O2Exp is refreshingly lightweight, built that way to encourage participants to feel comfortable from the outset about a new approach to learning and creating in the workplace. To get key points across, Oxygen uses its conversational tone, visual imagery, and even its own examples of work in progress, such as hand-drawn sketches and annotated storyboards. O2Exp provides an experience that is accessible and easy to apply for work success.

The 13 episodes in O2Exp address those themes including:

  • Ways to refresh the way learning professionals work with people
  • Strategies to produce 'more than ever' through collaboration
  • A new, agile way to approach instructional design
  • Tips to help focus on results and worry about aesthetics later
  • Tools to more easily ID and recruit talent that are better fits for the business

O2Exp is priced at $1,250 for single seats, with group pricing available. To learn more about O2Exp please try out the first episode for free by visiting https://oxygenexp.com/oxygen-experience/.

About Oxygen
Oxygen helps your people. We enable people to work across business functions to delight customers. Oxygen gives teams an alternative to random acts in the workplace: meaningful and tangible business outcomes to work toward, and metrics to know how they’re doing in their work.  Oxygen designs and delivers architected learning experiences that use productivity measures to drive the learning content and outcomes. These productivity measures are based on the CEO’s growth agenda. We accomplish this by implementing frameworks, systems, and a host of tools on a variety of platforms that disrupt, provoke, and question. We work with you and your team to create performance breakthroughs; the kind that change employees, companies and bottom lines. For more information please visit www.oxygenexp.com.

Media Contact:
Martin Levy
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Thought you might be interested in learning about the work being done by Oxygen Experience (https://oxygenexp.com/) and CEO Juliana Stancampiano. Oxygen works with large enterprises (example: a very large Redmond, WA-based software company, Starbucks, AMEX, Amazon, Expedia), helping them redesign, realign, deliver and implement innovative role-based corporate learning.

Specifically, wanted to brief on the launch of Oxygen Experience (O2Exp), an online learning journey/app aimed at learning, training and enablement professionals across any industry. https://oxygenexp.com/oxygen-experience