Jeffrey Mohlman of Dayton Ohio Announces the Addition of Safe Money Partners to the 804 Building

New Tenant Provides Financial Strategy Services in The 804

Dayton, Ohio, Jan. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dayton, OH:  The 804 Building, centrally-located in the heart of downtown Dayton, Ohio, is dedicated to offering a unique and exceptional environment in which to conduct business, both for resident companies that call The 804 home and clients temporarily utilizing the meeting and event spaces to host professional gatherings.  Recently, the safe money strategists at Safe Money Partners found a home in The 804, where their commitment to improving the lives of clients meshes perfectly with the ideals espoused by The 804 owners, Jeff Mohlman and Doug Eastham.

The 804 started as a warehouse, but has since been repurposed, initially with the intent of turning it into an urban indoor storage facility.  However, co-owners Mohlman and Eastham soon saw that this beautiful, historical building had much more to offer, and the old bones of the classic architecture became the foundation for an idea, one that revolved around creating unique and dynamic work spaces to serve the growing Tech Town community.

From this dream arose a truly inspiring establishment, one in which local businesses could take up permanent residence, area businesses could host meetings and events, and a social and professional atmosphere could be fostered.  The result was a newly reimagined version of The 804, complete with commercial and office spaces.  The updated retro atmosphere quickly drew a diverse array of tenants, including everything from financial and real estate services to a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, club, and vape store.  This, in turn, has made for a one-of-a-kind meeting and event space for businesses looking to invigorate and inspire employees, business partners, clients, and more.

Safe Money Partners is just one of the many like-minded businesses that has chosen to partner with The 804, exemplifying the ideals of quality and community that make this downtown building so extraordinary.  Positioned at the crossroads of America, surrounded by a growing tech industry, The 804 could easily have fallen to progress.  Instead, it has been preserved and granted a second chance to serve the local community.

Safe Money Partners is a valued member of The 804 family, specializing in final expense life insurance and offering over 50 years of combined experience in multiple financial planning disciplines.  This business helps clients plan for the future, protect themselves and their loved ones, and gain peace of mind, making them a great fit for The 804.

With space available for resident businesses, customizable meeting and event venues, and a relaxing and inviting social atmosphere, The 804 has become a gem of the downtown revival, serving the community in new and exciting ways.

About The 804:  The 804 Building started as a warehouse that co-owners Jeff Mohlman and Doug Eastham intended to transform into a storage facility.  With the growth of nearby Tech Town, however, they realized the potential to create a unique business center and event venue.  Today, The 804 tenants include financial groups, food services, and real estate offices, among others, and the venue provides off-site meeting spaces catering to all levels of businesses and events.


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