Worldwide Debut of Daplie Connect Home Server is Coming to CES 2018

Company introduces solution to connect, control, and customize your digital experiences—without trading convenience or privacy

PROVO, Utah, Jan. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Daplie™; on a mission to challenge the status quo for centralized cloud storage services and take back citizens’ Internet privacy, digital ownership, and control of personal information, today announced the worldwide debut of Daplie Connect™, the world's first home server for everyone at CES 2018.  Daplie will be on-display in booth #52342 in Eureka Park throughout CES, which takes place January 7-12, 2018 in Las Vegas.

Daplie allows consumers to take back their Internet privacy, digital ownership, and control of their personal data and information and keep it secure and private on servers they control and manage in their home or office and share with people and devices, including smart home devices, without relinquishing ownership, control, or privacy — a true industry first. Daplie executives will be onsite to discuss Connect and other new Daplie hardware solutions for homes, businesses, smart devices, and emerging distributed technologies such as blockchain.

1.CES Unveiled
 Shorelines Exhibit Hall, Mandalay Bay
 Sunday, January 7, 2018
 5 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
2.CES 2018 – Eureka Park
 Sands Convention Center
 Tuesday, January 9 – Friday, January 12, 2018
 Hall G Booth #: 52342


Daplie Connect is an at-home, plug-and-play omnipresent home server and cloud storage system allowing users to host websites, apps, and email; store documents, music, videos, and photos; ensure social privacy; manage smart home and IoT and more – all with one upfront investment and no monthly fees.

Out of the box, Daplie is ready to go in a matter of minutes with one simple plug and an automated setup process handled by its companion app. Users can easily grant and revoke data access to family and friends at will, and with Daplie’s end-to-end encryption, users are better protected from hacks and threats against their digital assets. With its stackable Daplie Storage drives, users can store up to 8TB of data without the hassle of extra cords. Daplie takes the power away from behemoth corporations like Google, Apple, Verizon, and Amazon and gives it back to freedom fighters who want to own and control their digital lives.

Daplie executives will also be discussing the Company’s soon-to-close second funding campaign via Wefunder. The Company’s first round was oversubscribed having to turn away over 300 investors.  Both accredited and non-accredited investors may participate in the current Wefunder campaign through January 19, 2018. For more information on how to invest visit

Daplie Connect: 2GB RAM, Multi-Core ARM CPU, 2X USB ports, 2X Ethernet, 5v power (20 w max.). Dimensions: 140mm wide x 30mm tall, 23 ounces. MSRP $295.
Daplie Life Storage Drive: 2TB capacity. MSRP $149.
Daplie Connect + Life: Daplie Connect server + (1) 2TB Daplie Life drive. Max of 4 stackable storage drivers per server (8 TB total). MSRP $399.

Daplie will begin product shipments of its Daplie Connect™ home server system to its pre-order customers starting in April 2018. The Company also reiterated its Q3 2018 ship date guidance for general availability worldwide.

Daplie Connect downloads all your digital content from your phone, tablet, computer, and other cloud storage services to a physical unit you keep at home, or even a network of Daplie Connect devices you trust. Through the app or using a private domain name (i.e.; you have access to all your content, on any device, on any platform, from anywhere. No monthly fees, no restrictions, just the freedom to use the Internet on your terms, not somebody else’s. Now in the final stages of development and testing, the flagship product Connect is affordable, simpler to use than Dropbox, and fully automated.

With Daplie you are free from surveillance. Free to safely and conveniently file share. Free to access your data from any device across any platform. Free from monthly rent and the hassles of multiple clouds. Free from the restrictions of big cloud dictatorship. Free to imagine: your own social network, a family shared system, small business solutions, hosting your own website, decentralized applications. With Daplie, the possibilities are endless. For more information please visit

Media Contact:
Susan Donahue for Daplie