Biotricity Expands its R&D Effort to Capitalize on Artificial Intelligence

Medical Grade Wearables with AI Capabilities Could Reduce Costs While Improving Healthcare Providers’ Efficiency and Patient Health

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Jan. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Biotricity Inc. (OTCQB:BTCY), a medical diagnostic and consumer healthcare technology company dedicated to delivering innovative, biometric remote monitoring solutions, is currently expanding its research and development to include artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize its proprietary remote patient monitoring platform for future use. When studying the unique characteristics of a patient using a remote monitoring device for a chronic condition such as cardiovascular disease, AI could be used to track a patient’s progress, determine if they’re adherent with a practitioner’s guidelines, recommend action to increase adherence, offer a means of patient engagement, and provide predictive action to avert negative health outcomes. Properly executed this could lead to an improvement in detection quality and patient outcomes while driving down costs and potentially providing another product opportunity for Biotricity.

“AI’s chief value proposition is its ability to expediently aggregate, cross-reference, and learn from data to determine its correlation to patient objectives,” said Waqaas Al Siddiq, founder and CEO of Biotricity. “We believe the key is to empower medical grade wearables with artificial intelligence for coaching and feedback, which will improve healthcare providers’ efficiency and patients’ health while driving down healthcare costs.”

By increasing patient adherence and engagement, and creating proactive patients who prevent illnesses before they develop, medical grade wearables infused with artificial intelligence could help healthcare providers expedite, and in some cases, automate, the more routine facets of healthcare – such as checkups and diagnostics. This will free up valued and scarce professionals to address more complex issues such as viral outbreaks and HIV cases.

“AI’s potential for personalization represents its greatest utility for solving the patient engagement problem because of its capacity for learning individual human characteristics,” said Al Siddiq. “These technologies can understand what makes each person unique based on their individual biometric data. When that personalized understanding is paired with engagement systems offering demonstrable evidence of how one’s biometrics are affected by patient adherence, it can resolve one of the costliest healthcare problems today.”

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Biotricity is a modern medical technology company focused on delivering innovative, remote biometric monitoring solutions to the medical and consumer markets, including diagnostic and post-diagnostic solutions for chronic conditions and lifestyle improvement. Biotricity’s R&D continues to focus on the preventative healthcare market, with a vision of putting health management into the hands of the individual. The company aims to support the self-management of critical and chronic conditions with the use of innovative solutions to ease the growing burden on the healthcare system. To learn more, visit

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