SolarWinds MSP Announces Availability of SolarWinds N-central Mobile App on iOS and Android Devices—Providing Users with Remote IT Service Management 

Durham, North Carolina, UNITED STATES

DURHAM, N.C., Jan. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SolarWinds MSP, a global leader in delivering comprehensive, scalable IT service management solutions to IT solution providers and MSPs, today announced its SolarWinds® N-central® Mobile app is now available on iOS® and Android® devices, allowing users to manage their dashboards, review alerts, and launch scripts at any time from their smartphone or tablet.

SolarWinds N-central is a highly configurable remote monitoring and management platform that offers on-premises and hosted options for managed services providers who require more customization and advanced scalability. The SolarWinds N-central Mobile app enables users to:

  • Activate strong integrated security features, including antivirus scans, patch management, and backup
  • Gain full oversight of customers’ networks, endpoints, and servers, and the ability to manage alerts
  • Provide sophisticated automation without having to learn a new scripting language
  • Manage hardware and software monitoring as well as full asset and customer management
  • Take control of customers’ desktops with fast remote access, including permission to transfer files and deliver remote commands when there is an issue

“We are pleased to announce that users of SolarWinds N-central can now view the health of networks under their management from any iOS or Android device—if an issue needs to be reviewed and managed while on the road, SolarWinds N-central Mobile app has it covered,” said Greg Lissy, vice president of product management at SolarWinds MSP. “For example, if an end user loses a device—which may include personal client information such as credit card details—the mobile app has the ability to immediately lock down the device, reset the password, or fully wipe the device, all from their smartphone or tablet.”

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