RapidX Lifestyle Brand Innovator to Unveil New Products at CES ShowStoppers

The New X5+ by RapidX delivers a powerful, multi-device car charging solution for up to five devices at a time, and the X4Home by RapidX is an exclusive, multi-device power station offering versatility and convenience for rapid charging at home or office

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., Jan. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RapidX announced a pair of brand new innovative products:  the X5+ charger and the X4Home, that will be showcased at the ShowStoppers event at CES on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at the Wynn Las Vegas. The X5 Plus is a Multi-Device High Speed Car Charger featuring a detachable USB Cable and a combination of 5 USB ports, (including 1 QC 3.0, QualComm® Quick Charge™, 1 USB Type-C port, and 3 USB Type-A ports).  Whether you’re traveling with family, taking a road trip with friends, or driving with co-workers, the X5+ is the perfect solution for charging on the go. 

The X4Home by RapidX, is a convenient and versatile, super-compact charging station for the home or office, featuring 4 ports, including 2 USB’s, 1 QC and 1 USB Type-C port.  Both solutions offer the latest technology and product designs for enjoyment On the Go, at Home or in the Office.

“Electronic devices are an integral part of modern daily life, and we feel they should enhance our lives even if they are necessities,” said Ammar Adra, Founder and President of RapidX. “We listen to our customers and create products that respond to their needs, and elevate their experiences with elegant design & inspired technology while providing convenience and versatility.”

X5+ by RapidX--A Signature Solution for On the Go Car Charging
On the heels of the successful and the revolutionary design of the X5 car charger comes the new X5 Plus. Designed with consumer feedback, the X5 Plus was built upon the same compact and sleek form factor of the X5 with its color-accented, rubberized finish, and now features a detachable USB cable.  The X5+ is a must-have, high-speed car charger featuring a combination of 5 USB ports to charge a variety of devices--no more stress from not having enough chargers.

More Charging Options Within a Sleek and Functional Design:
The new X5+ takes flexibility to the next level with a newly designed 3-port detachable hub. Now front seat passengers can charge their devices using the USB charger tangle-free. The detachable hub for the back seat can be removed and stored in the glove box until it is needed for additional passengers. When charging is needed for up to five devices, reattach the 3-port detachable hub and everyone in the car can charge simultaneously.  The X5 Plus offers a fast, powerful and streamlined option for all your devices: 2 USB priority ports in the front seat, including a QC 3.0 port for fast charging, and a Type-A USB port, and the back-USB hub features 3 ports-1 USB Type-C port for charging a laptop or any Type-C device, and 2 USB Type-A ports.

The X4Home by RapidX—Convenient, Low Voltage Charging Station for the Home or Office
In listening to what customers loved about the X5 car charger, RapidX created a unit for home and office that combines the same sleek design and multi-device charging versatility. A unique and innovative solution developed exclusively by RapidX, the X4Home is a 24V power station, which is below the 50V+ hazardous safety and standard regulations. The X4Home converts down the 110V at the power source, and delivers a maximum of 24V to the USB hub.  Compared to other charging ports on the market that run the 110V+ into the actual station, the X4Home offers a better solution for the home or office environment. 

This unique charging station features a slim and compact solution, which is perfect for the family to curl up on the couch together and read, surf the internet, play games, or watch TV all while charging their devices. The X4Home is also ideal for the office keeping you and all your devices organized.

The X4Home is Highly Versatile:
It is ideal for home or office where its special design seamlessly charges up to four devices simultaneously via a QC 3.0 (QualComm® Quick Charge) port for fast charging, a Type-C port for a laptop or Type-C device, and 2 regular USB-A ports.  The X4Home also features an extra-long 6-foot cord for added flexibility, and a slim, robust black-alloy finish to match your décor and personal style.  The X4Home charging station can also be used in countries using 110V-240V outlets.

About RapidX:  RapidX focuses on inspiration from the modern world and the ever-increasing emphasis on technology and efficiency.  As a lifestyle-forward brand, we create products you enjoy that enhance your life On the Go, at Home or in the Office.  Our philosophy is to design products based on customer input from the bottom up, creating a consumer-centric portfolio melded with innovation.  RapidX products are functionally unique, and our entire line of lifestyle accessories work to foster efficiency through a stylish lens.  This includes premium mobile technology devices, like high speed USB, home and wireless chargers, multi-device car chargers, Bluetooth LED Lamps, and Bluetooth trackers.  Technology no longer exists to merely fulfill the role of accomplishing a task. Today, there is a demand for a higher standard. At RapidX, we understand this desire and offer nothing short of excellence.  For more information, and to view the full lineup, visit: www.rapidx.io

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