Inntopia Launches RBO Metrics to Allow Destinations to Understand Rent-by-Owner Lodging Inventory

New Tool will Complement Existing DestiMetrics Analysis of Professionally Managed Rental Properties

Stowe, Vermont, UNITED STATES

Stowe, Vt., Jan. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Inntopia announced today the public release of RBO Metrics, a new intelligence platform that can accurately quantify the size and dynamics of a destination’s owner-managed rental inventory. In conjunction with their well-known DestiMetrics system that reports on professionally-managed units, Inntopia is now the first platform to offer municipalities, DMOs, and community members a comprehensive view of their bed-base.

“DestiMetrics has become the platform-of-record for reporting on professionally managed data, but the rent-by-owner side has been one the team has been trying to crack for a while,” said Inntopia CEO Trevor Crist. “Through a combination of our expertise and data, strategic partnerships, and nailing the methodology, we are thrilled that we can now pull back the curtain on owner-managed inventory.”

By gathering listings from over 35 sites and combining that with GIS, tax, census, and other data, these geo-tagged, owner-managed listings are combined with Inntopia’s professionally managed expertise and data to not just provide a 360° view, but avoid the duplicate units and missing properties common in previous attempts at solving this problem. The RBO Metrics system is already rolling out with beta-test destinations including Folly Beach, South Carolina.

“It’s very exciting to think about all of this data being analyzed and put to good use,” said Dr. Brumby McLeod, associate professor at the College of Charleston and a Visiting Research Fellow with DestiMetrics. “Inntopia and RBO Metrics will allow communities and destinations to understand the full picture—all the ways owner-managed and professionally-managed rental properties provide economic impacts, benefits, and challenges to the community.”

The data used to drive RBO Metrics also put municipalities in a perfect position to manage rental licensing and compliance. Through the additional tax-dollars generated by increased compliance and landing larger events, RBO Metrics can be a truly a self-funding system.

“Knowing the size and dynamics of a destinations’ owner-managed units is critical on so many levels,“ said Inntopia VP of Business Intelligence Tom Foley. “Without a complete, quantified view of the bed-base it’s extremely difficult to land larger events that can maximize the impact hospitality can have on a local economy.”

During the initial launch, Inntopia is offering a free RBO Snapshot assessment to qualifying destinations.

Interested parties should contact Ryan Krukar, VP of Hospitality Sales, at or (802) 760-6344.


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