Signature Devices, Inc. Announces future detailed plan on Knoton and Kickstarter Campaign

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IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE - Signature Devices, Inc. (OTC PINK:SDVI) today announced detailed plans on its revolutionary Internet of Things device, the Knoton. 

The Knoton is a next generation multi-functional Internet of Things device that addresses many needs in the connected device space, and until now the company had kept details of the product private.  The company intends to launch a detailed Kickstarter campaign, where it can get the proper backing and worldwide exposure to an engaged audience of technology enthusiasts. “The Knoton is a device that encompasses many different functions and sensors, which are currently lacking in the marketplace.  Furthermore, its platform will be the foundation on which others can develop functionality and devices that are transformative in the Internet of Things space. Blockchain technology implemented in the Knoton will enable it to play a crucial role in the adaptation of cryptocurrency and non-centralized transactions.”  Said Inas Azzam, CEO and President of Signature Devices.

The Knoton has a rich array of functions that enables one device to handle many use cases including:

  • Child tracking and geofencing. By utilizing the built-in L5 signal based GPS, motion and ambient sensors, and proprietary circuitry, the Knoton can react to several scenarios that can protect, track, and interact with the child. It is like having a security team with the child watching for any event that may induce harm. The Knoton is the ultimate family bodyguard!

  • Personal emergency alert and notification system. Anyone can carry the Knoton; in the event of an emergency, the person carrying the Knoton can activate a slew of alarms, messages, audio/video recording, and connection to 911 with a press of a button (or predefined interaction modes such as shock). You are always safe with Knoton!

  • Location identification through GPS and Camera (identified on Google map for immediate navigation). The data sent by the Knoton contains location, SMS, cellular, voice, and video data as defined by the user. The Knoton is your beacon!

  • Facial recognition of registered perpetrators. The Knoton views the surrounding of the user looking for faces (by default!). These faces are continuously sent to a back-end server that uses AI to identify these faces based on newly developed algorithms and alert the Knoton notification receiver (parents, law enforcement officer, or soldier) based on predefined criteria. The Knoton is child’s best friend!

  • Infant monitoring and prevention of flip induced sudden death syndrome. The Knoton can be used at home to monitor infants. The infant images are analyzed locally (on the Knoton platform) to produce the fastest reaction time to the infant flipping on their face and prevent sudden death syndrome. The Knoton saves lives!

  • Home automation (with the use of the included Wi-Fi connectivity). The Knoton can be used in a home/office Wi-Fi network to act as realistic switches to perform automated tasks such as lighting control, scenario automation, shades control … etc. The Knoton is your key to peace of mind!

  • Silent alarm applications. The Knoton’s extreme connectivity flexibility enables enterprises, banks, retail places, homes, and any place where a silent alarm is needed to have a silent alarm virtually anywhere needed; inside a drawer, under a desk, inside a walk-in fridge … etc. The Knoton can be the only way out!

Mr. Ghassan Elkhatib, Director of IoT Hardware and Artificial Intelligence, is moving the development of the Knoton towards prototyping and production. “The Knoton product series is designed to be an integral part of most people’s daily lives; its use-cases do touch on the most important and sensitive aspects of life. We are moving forward steadily with the architecture and design with input from users, technology professionals, and industry leading manufacturing partners” said Mr. Elkhatib.

The company will provide regular updates on the development of the first functioning prototype and the progress on it’s Kickstarter campaign via it’s company blog and press releases.

Kickstarter is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for projects similar to the Knoton.  The platform has driven $3.4 billion U.S. dollars since 2012. The platform charges 5%-7% fees for funds raised, while the rest is released to the company to develop the product and deliver it to the backers.  The final details on what the backers will need to pledge and total goal will be shared by the company at a future date closer to launch.

The full details on product can be found on the company blog and on

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About Innovo

Based in Irvine, California, Innovo Technology combines the best of the technologies underpinning the popular Morpheus media server, Tazerwear's AI Software, Truck IT's beacon platform with Knoton's hardware, infrastructure and software. The result is a company that blends custom software and powerful hardware IoT-interconnected devices. Learn more by visiting:

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Based in Sheridan, Wyoming, Signature Devices, Inc. ( (OTC PINK:SDVI) is a holding company with subsidiaries that develop Internet of Things (IOT) products through its subsidiary Innovo Technologies, Inc., and publishes diverse media products including video games and mobile applications through its subsidiary Graffiti Entertainment, Inc.

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