Egyptian Steel recognised in the World Finance 100 guide for 2017

LONDON, Jan. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Egyptian Steel currently stands as one of the most powerful companies in Egypt.

Its prosperity is largely down to the work of founder and CEO, Ahmed Abou Hashima, whose optimistic and bold approach has seen the company go from strength to strength – even in tough conditions.

In spite of Egypt’s 2011 revolution, which pushed the country through much turmoil, Egyptian Steel was able to take off, having been founded just the year before.

Abou Hashima believes that investors shouldn’t be put off in times of political uncertainty and economic upheaval. If they are brave, the rewards can be great.

And if his organisation’s performance is anything to go by, it seems these are wise words; Egyptian Steel’s four steel plants now produce 2.3 million tonnes of steel annually.

For its outstanding work, Egyptian Steel has been recognised by World Finance in the magazine’s World Finance 100 guide, which identifies the world’s strongest organisations.

Here, companies are selected not only on the basis of their financial performance, but their commitment to sustainable and supportive practices. Egyptian Steel has been praised in particular for helping to support the Egyptian economy.

Egyptian Steel has also recently featured as a guest on, where Abou Hashima speaks about the organisation’s recent work, and gives his advice to anyone interested in investing in Egypt.

In the future, Abou Hashima hopes to invest his finances and energy into new areas, like hotels and tourism, which he believes will play an increasingly important role in the Egyptian economy.

To discover more about his dynamic approach, and the future for Egyptian Steel – as well as Egypt at large, go to

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