Byzen Digital Inc. Releases Shareholder Update Letter

NEW YORK, NY, Jan. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Byzen Digital Inc. (OTC PINK: EPSV), a newly formed Blockchain Technology Company building a multi-solution Blockchain platform launching in 2018, today released a letter to update shareholders on its accomplishments in 2017 and its progress towards fully commencing public trading.
January 15, 2018

Dear Shareholder,

Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and your families. We wanted to update you on all the progress that Byzen has made.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work furiously to complete the final details of transforming the EPSV shell into Byzen Digital, Inc. before we fully commence public trading. There are many moving parts to this process and it has taken longer than we originally anticipated, but much of it is out of our direct control. Currently, we are awaiting regulatory approval to change the shell company name to Byzen Digital, Inc. and to be assigned a more appropriate ticker symbol as well as completion of several housekeeping matters that will allow us to then move to the next stage. As we’ve previously discussed, you’ll be receiving your stock certificates when the name change is fully completed.

In 2017 we accomplished much that we are very proud of. This included the distribution of Telecoin, our first digital currency, to all eligible holders where possible; we intend to continue that distribution before its official launch in the first half of 2018.
We’re also currently experiencing a dramatic increase in enquiries via our web site from potential Telecoin investors and we believe that this is, without a doubt, a consequence of Byzen finally completing its reverse merger. This spike in interest has propelled us to proactively work to launch Telecoin to the broader marketplace earlier than we had originally anticipated. We’ve also advanced our Telecoin whitepaper internally, and look forward to revealing more news to you on this soon.
We have also completed our initial business whitepaper that outlines managements’ vision for the new Byzen platform and how it will develop over the next 18 months.

On the corporate side we laid the groundwork for public participation and valuation through the completion of several activities including the closing of our First Private Placement Memorandum (PPM 1). This capital provided the funding that enabled us to complete the reverse merger into EPSV on the OTC Market. In conjunction with this transaction, we undertook our first HNW / Accredited Investor meetings in the U.S. and met with a number of potential institutional investors.

We appointed Sheppard Mullin as our U.S. securities counsel, they are assisting us in getting current with our filings and other requirements, so we can begin trading as quickly as possible. We also partnered with PCG Advisory Group, a leading NYC-based investor relations and digital strategies firm, that is very active in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector.

To strengthen our corporate governance, we appointed Dr. Julian Critchlow, the Founder of Al Bawardi Critchlow LLP, as Non-Executive Board Director. In addition to advising Byzen on PPM1 and the reverse merger, Al Bawardi Critchlow LLP is providing us with legal advice on financial regulations and corporate legislation, as well as on matters concerning commercial transactions and our intellectual property. We now have two independent Directors on our Board, and we intend to add one additional independent Director to meet best practices.

Lastly, we strengthened the management team with the appointment of Robert Walter as President and Chief Operating Officer. Rob is a payment industry expert with 20 plus years’ experience in multiple countries, specializing in the development of cross industry partnerships and business solutions. Rob was formerly a Vice President at Visa Europe where he held a number of senior leadership and marketing development roles at Barclays Plc and Barclaycard. Rob is extensively networked across the payments, retail and FinTech sectors, and is also currently acting as an advisor to two small-cap companies. Rob is a great addition to the team and we welcome him to Byzen.

We just completed our Second Private Placement Memorandum (PPM2) document and are waiting final legal sign off. This funding is important to facilitate our full plans for 2018 and beyond. PPM2 will, of course, be offered first to our existing shareholders, prior to being offered to pre-qualified individuals of the general public (except for residents of the USA). We anticipate announcing its launch to the Public within the next few weeks.

As we said, we’re in the process of completing the corporate name and ticker change for Byzen Digital, Inc. At the same time, we’re finalizing all necessary details with OTC Markets and our Transfer Agent, Corporate Stock Transfer, Inc., prior to being fully current, so we’re all ready to go when we’ve met all requirements and are given the green light.

Byzen has continued to generate enormous interest and we remain extremely excited about the future. Blockchain and cryptocurrency awareness and momentum has been building and we believe that Byzen will benefit as we roll out our clearly defined roadmap of solutions and services planned over the next 18-24 months that will deliver on our vision to bring easier access to the Blockchain by demystifying it for the masses.

Yours Sincerely,

Gary Potter

CEO Byzen Digital Inc.

About Byzen Digital Inc.

Byzen Digital is a new player in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency trading market place. The company intends to bring greater simplicity, efficiency and security of this relatively new technology to the widest possible audience, through a number of innovative solutions, all providing step-by-step education as part of the customer journey.

Our chosen product markets are already growing exponentially and extremely scalable for the foreseeable future, and we firmly believe that now is the time to strike with a new approach as proposed, enabling us to widen the technology to an even greater audience of new clients, both consumer and corporate.

Byzen Digital already owns its own proprietary decentralized Cryptocurrency, called “Telecoin”, and this currency will be launched formally in 2018 as part of a much broader go-to-market strategy. Additionally, Byzen Digital’s own Cryptocurrencies will power their products and solutions from launch. The company also owns its own in-house media platform, “Digi Ex”.

Byzen Digital, through its Management team, is well networked and connected into the world of Global Payments, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency trading, and the company is well equipped to deliver against both their short terms goals as well as mid-term ambitions to become the “go-to” company for both Corporate, Financial Institutions and Retailers for all of their future Blockchain needs. For more information go to:

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