GSG Asserts Leadership in $700 Billion Global Market for Communication Services and Device Management with Launch of Sakon Platform

Sakon Provides the Enterprise a ‘Single System of Record’ for Managing Global Communications Inventory, Cutting Operational Costs while Enabling Network Transformation

CONCORD, Mass., Jan. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GSG, the global leader in communication ecosystem management and network transformation, today launched the Sakon Platform, a powerful suite of cloud-based applications that enables enterprise customers to organize, manage and evolve their communications networks. Addressing the needs of an enterprise facing unprecedented changes to, and scrutiny on, its network communications infrastructure, Sakon is the only solution available today that can help the C-suite and network managers map out their entire global network, manage it more cost effectively, and prove the ROI of critical new network investments – all through a single platform.  

Nowhere do the pressures of managing global communications network performance rest more heavily than on the CIO. In CIO Magazine’s “2017 State of the CIO” report, 72 percent of CIOs surveyed testified to struggling to balance business innovation with operational excellence. With capabilities spanning integrated IT cost and lifecycle management (including TEM, MMS, and cloud), employee enablement, and network transformation, Sakon delivers a breakthrough information and execution advantage rooted in a mastery of network inventory. Together, these capabilities help CIOs manage their current networks more agilely and at less expense, while enabling them to introduce new productivity-enhancing technologies, such as SD-WAN, to keep their companies innovating, and winning, in the market. (See Sakon Explainer Video.)

“Vendors continue to push point solutions for telecom, mobile, and cloud cost management at a time when all these services are converging, which can leave the enterprise stranded with siloed, incompatible solutions for managing them,” said Andy Goorno, CEO and co-founder of GSG. “By developing a comprehensive inventory of all the data elements that comprise an enterprise’s communications estate, GSG is not only able to manage telecom and mobile services – and cloud licenses – in a single platform, but is also able to apply this inventory to solutions that support an enterprise’s efforts to transform its IT infrastructure to support the evolving needs of its employees and customers.”

According to Gartner, a world-leading research and advisory company, “Many TEM vendors are extending their scope from fixed and mobile services deeper into managed mobility and other IT expenses, such as usage and inventory management for unified communications and collaboration, cloud-application licensing and emergence, and machine-to-machine (M2M)/Internet of Things (IoT).”1 GSG’s launch of the Sakon Platform highlights this trend, coming at a time when CIOs need these added capabilities as their role shifts from delivering services to orchestrating them and driving business growth.

“In 2003, we started as a knowledge center to help Fortune 500 customers gain efficiency in managing their telecom expenses, and later, with the introduction of the iPhone, we developed the first platform to support mobility lifecycle management,” said Goorno. “Today GSG technology is ‘inside’ the offerings of many of the top MMS and outsourced services providers, and we are rapidly establishing ourselves as the go-to firm for Fortune 500 and midsize companies looking to better manage and intelligently evolve their communications networks. Through it all, we have retained the same management team and taken no outside money, focusing instead on our customers and providing them tremendous stability and value.

“From this position of strength, we are launching the Sakon Platform to extend our leadership across all communications expense categories – from mobile, fixed, and network communication services to cloud licenses – as well as the growing strategic market for network transformation.”

The Sakon Platform: Key Applications

Enterprise communications data sits in silos across information systems and geographies, so getting a complete, actionable picture of a company’s global network is extremely difficult. Sakon solves this with Synkronize™, its breakthrough data aggregation engine that pulls together disparate data from vendors, enterprise systems, and applications to create a comprehensive view of inventory – a single version of the truth – from which decision makers can manage the network.

The Sakon Platform is currently comprised of six applications, with each application drawing on the system of record produced by Synkronize to deliver efficiency gains, cost savings, and insights. They are:

  • Mobility & IoT Service Management: Presents a comprehensive view of the mobile fleet, across carriers, geographies, and device types, and enables complete lifecycle management services.
  • Network Services: Presents a comprehensive global view of network costs along with complete lifecycle management tools to manage and optimize your network.
  • Cloud Applications Management: Presents an enterprise view of cloud applications across service providers, geographies, organizations, and roles, enabling IT to centrally and efficiently provision, support, and optimize SaaS subscriptions and spend.
  • Expense Management: Automates invoice acquisition, validation, and payment while driving deep cost savings with Sakon’s proprietary three-way match™ methodology.
  • Sourcing & Transformation Management: Enables organizations to obtain the lowest cost on mobility and network services. Provides the tools to evaluate the ROI of network transformation and manage the transition from one network to another.
  • Insights & Intelligence: Provides tools, including interactive dashboards, widgets, and reports, to interact with all the data captured in Sakon, revealing trends, anomalies, and the path to a more efficient infrastructure.

The Sakon Platform is available today in the cloud on an annual subscription basis. Individual applications can be purchased separately. For more information, please see

1 Gartner, “Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management Services, 2017,” Lisa Unden-Farboud, Katja Ruud, 11 May 2017.

About GSG
GSG, creators of Sakon, is a telecom and network technology leader that has helped global enterprises organize, understand, and intelligently manage their communications ecosystems since 2003. With headquarters in Concord, Massachusetts and a Global Delivery Center in Pune, India, the GSG team numbers more than 400 employees worldwide. GSG serves over 200 enterprise customers, and its technology is used by the world’s top systems integrators and outsourced services providers.


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