Ahalogy Sees 70% Growth in Six Months Since Launch of Tri-Verified™ Solution

As part of the first and only third-party verified influencer campaigns, 100% of Ahalogy influencers pass the quality traffic test, having less than 1% invalid traffic

CINCINNATI, Jan. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ahalogy, a leading influencer marketing and technology company, began a partnership with Moat in June to launch the first and only third-party verification (TPV) solution in the market. In just under six months, Ahalogy is seeing a positive shift in the influencer marketing ecosystem, evident by the company’s 70% growth.

The Moat integration is a vital part of Ahalogy’s Tri-Verified™ approach, which is helping to better the influencer ecosystem in notable ways. By using Moat on influencers’ sites, marketers can see who has the most attractive audience and can reward those with better engagement. Ahalogy has been using Moat, specifically, to screen influencer applicants for brand programs for things like non-human traffic and time on site versus Moat’s industry benchmarks. And brands are reaping the benefits of Ahalogy’s verified, accurate audience targeting:

100% of Ahalogy influencers pass the quality traffic test, having less than 1% invalid traffic versus Moat’s 5% benchmark. Additionally, every influencer post contains a Moat tag to validate quality traffic and content engagement which is helping Ahalogy identify the best influencers to use for campaigns, and better evaluate Influencer content quality based on their Moat results.

Josh Williams, Shopper Marketing Manager at The J.M. Smucker Company relies on Ahalogy to deliver both high-quality influencer content and third-party verified campaign metrics—something only Ahalogy is doing currently. It’s a significant focus of Smucker to find ways to deliver true influencer engagement and Ahalogy’s technology helps us do that,” Williams says. “We want to make sure that the excellent content we create is reaching true audiences that will find it impactful to their lives.”

Ahalogy’s partnership with Moat comes at an important time, as marketers are demanding third-party verification in their media spending to ensure that they are getting what they pay for. Last March, Marc Prichard, CMO of P&G—the biggest advertising spender in the world—called for all digital media to be verified by third-party audits. Since that announcement, P&G has saved $100 million—and is still hitting its sales goals—by cutting out ad fraud.

And it doesn’t stop with traditional digital ads. Influencer marketing is growing in importance and taking a larger share of brand budgets, yet its reliance on social followers and claimed metrics has left marketers asking for comparable measurement and independent verification.

“When creators buy followers, they eventually realize this leads to low engagement,” Gabriella of By Gabriella—a member of Ahalogy’s Influencer Network—said. “So then they have to buy likes. It’s a vicious cycle. That’s why it’s so important to me to work with companies like Ahalogy, that do 100% paid with all views 100% verified, 100% human.”

Williams is just one of many Ahalogy clients to notice the misleading noise in the influencer industry surrounding audience engagement metrics. “We’ve known for a while that banner ads were a big target for false clicks (I’ve heard as high as 50% of clicks are accidental or bots) and companies have now added technology to alleviate these concerns as much as possible,” He says. “With influencers becoming a larger portion of most CPGs’ shopper marketing budgets, it only made sense that they would be the next target.”

To learn more about Ahalogy’s Tri-Verified™ approach to Influencer Marketing, visit https://www.ahalogy.com/brandables.

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