A new innovation of GO Keyboard Pro, Arriving with ‘cutting-edge function’ and impact


Guangzhou, Jan. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, GO Keyboard Pro for Android arrives with impact and its ‘cutting-edge function’. It has turned into a fabulous tool with perfect ‘personalized’ features! This update is GO Keyboard Pro’s another innovation in man-machine experience and also another breakthrough in IME industry. According to the users’ experience of the new version, GO Keyboard Pro has four most outstanding new functions: GIF expressions, quick APP switch, Customized Toolbar, and double Emoji.

GIF Expressions:

Open the keyboard area and the GIF icon will come right into your sight. As more people rely more on mobile messaging, they increasingly turn to GIFs as a preferred way to communicate visually. A recent Harris Poll survey found that 64% of 18 to 44 year-olds believe that GIFs more effectively express their emotions.Click it and you would find that GO Keyboard Pro has very rich recourses of GIF which are all the latest and hottest ones. Clear categories enable you to spot the desired one very quickly. In order to help users to detect the right GIF more quickly and precisely, GO Keyboard Pro supports the search function: type in the word of your mood and the related GIF would appear for you to pick. Besides, it also supports searching GIF by emoji, which offers much entertainment.

Quick APP Switch:

This is a very convenient function. As far as I know, GO Keyboard Pro is the first and the only IME that could realize the APP switch in the typing interface. This function achieves the national patent of ‘IME built-in keyboard drawer’ and the patent number is ‘201710876859.2’. Open GO Keyboard Pro and then open the quick switch module in it, it could directly switch to another APP, which greatly simplifies the switch process. In addition, with the quick switch module, you could make personalized changes to your frequently-used application programs. The whole process is very smooth.

Customized Toolbar

Many keyboards only have fixed toolbars which we cannot change it the way we like. Luckily, we can customize our own toolbars in GO Keyboard Pro. There are multiple features for you to choose, such as Search, GIF, Clipboard, Quick Reply, Voice, Emoji, Edit and Text to GIF, which is very convenient for us.

Emoji multiplication:

The emoji bar is very popular among the latest GO Keyboard Pro functions. It could be defined as tangible or concealed. When you choose an expression, GO Keyboard Pro will give you *5, *10 or *50 expressions. If you are especially good at using emoji, you could add some emoji by yourself and the emoji bar function would further facilitate your using experience and make the most use of emoji. *50 emoji fulfilling the screen could fully express your feelings.

The GO Keyboard Pro team tells us that the GO Keyboard Pro team told us that the new version was developed so as to enhance users' personal experience. These four functions allow users to express their feelings better, switch applications and input more smoothly and customize their keyboards more freely. The app meets the basic needs of input and at the same time, the playability of the app is improved.At present, GO Keyboard Pro team is working hard to realize more innovation. They plan to invest more in the development of AI input, personalized functions and etc. They aim to bring more value to users in input association and man-machine interaction. As a result, they could replace the tool nature with service and let users enjoy the fun of inputting.


The download address of the new GO Keyboard Pro for Android:


GOMO Official Website: www.gomo.com


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A photo accompanying this announcement is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/889d62f9-9cb0-4166-b00b-65acce22aaaf


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