Grabbr Launches Social Referral Marketing Platform-as-a-Service to Turn Social Influence into Currency

PaaS platform utilizes a digital rewards system to turn fans into ambassadors through social commerce, utilizing predictive analytics to reveal where brands should spend their time and money for greatest impact within sales funnels

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Jan. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grabbr, a social referral marketing platform that leverages and promotes organic social shares as a currency in exchange for products, services or discounts, today announced the launch of its Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) social referral marketing platform for brands. The private dashboard allows brands to use a “share this to get this” functionality to provide digital rewards to consumers in exchange for social shares, turning social influence into currency.

The Grabbr platform utilizes multiple touchpoints to engage consumers during their path to purchase, including 200+ social sites, email, Bluetooth [or beacon technology, QR codes, in-store kiosks, and online integration for websites. Consumers are presented with an opportunity to receive an award-for example, an instant 20% discount on their purchase-if they share the offer out to their friends and family via social media, text, or email. Once the offer is successfully shared, the consumer receives their reward instantly for immediate use.

“In today’s digital society, social influence is a powerful thing. Consumers spend a great deal of time cultivating their own social followings, and brands want very badly to get in front of those audiences. With Grabbr, we enable brands and consumers to enter into a very simple transaction-share this to get this-and give both sides something that they want,” said Herman DeBoard, Grabbr’s CMO. “We’ve found that when incentivized, consumers are more than happy to share brand products and deals. Our platform is created to facilitate those interactions and help brands turn their fans into ambassadors through social currency.

“The brand gets exposure and the consumer gets a reward-in the end, everyone wins. And because our fee structure is on a pay-per-share basis, brands are able to stick to budget and better predict results, without the risk of fronting a large sum of cash at the outset of a campaign without any indication of whether it will perform.”

The Grabbr platform tracks real time engagement analytics from each of the touchpoints in use so brands can identify their most valuable sales funnels within the campaign. This data tracking is through Grabbr’s MAX Algorithm, which becomes predictive as it tells brands where they should be spending their time and money to achieve the most success with individual sales funnels. An upcoming feature, utilizing artificial intelligence, will allow brands to verbally interact with their analytics, for more in-depth knowledge and understanding.

The PaaS offering is already successfully in use by a variety of large brands, including a global telecomm carrier, a leading home goods store, a national retailer of baby goods, and multiple fast food/casual dining establishments.

The Company has also introduced its first white label PaaS in 2018, allowing large enterprise clients to license and integrate all of the Grabbr features directly into their own existing websites and marketing efforts. The Company already has several clients signed on to utilize the white label PaaS, with the first expected to roll out by end of Q1 this year.

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About Grabbr

Grabbr is a “pay-per-share” social referral marketing platform that uses “social currency” to market businesses while revealing exactly where their advertising dollars have the largest impact, and which social channels they should be spending their time on to engage followers. With access to 200+ social sites and an email portal that can send campaign invitations to a marketer’s entire email list, the platform enables marketers to deliver digital incentives to a broader range of audiences while accumulating real-time analytics and ROI measurements. For more information, visit

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