New software release offers major update to industry-leading Tellabs Optical LAN

Tellabs Optical LAN software release SR30.0 advances network automation, improving network agility, reliability and security while reducing operating costs!

Carrollton, Texas, UNITED STATES

DALLAS, Jan. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tellabs, the leading provider of Passive Optical LAN (POL) solutions, has announced the global launch of Tellabs™ Optical LAN (OLAN) Software Release 30.0 (SR30.0) to all customers. This new SR30.0, in concert with Tellabs™ Panorama™ PON Manager, adds new automation features that directly improve Local Area Network (LAN) agility, increase network uptime, close security gaps and lower daily operational costs for our customers.

LAN security breaches and network outages are overwhelmingly caused by human errors, network changes and escalating IT complexities. Tellabs Optical LAN’s centralized intelligence and management enables IT staff to manage LAN resources in a simple, smart, stable, secure and scalable manner. The new SR30.0 streamlines global profile management, which helps IT pros configure and navigate between profiles more easily. It allows software defined network resources to be dynamically allocated based on real time requirements. Furthermore, all PON, Ethernet, data, video and voice ports are collected into the common view, and their status is now displayed in a tabular view for quick summary.

With SR30.0, our world-class Tellabs engineers have created a modern management interface that uniquely improves LAN automation, which directly helps simplify the LAN so our customers can work smarter, faster and with zero errors,” said Jim Norrod, Tellabs President and CEO.

Other notable features for SR30.0 and Tellabs Panorama PON Manager include:

  • Global profiles that capture consistent and repeatable configurations. These global profiles establish the LAN policies and procedures that directly improve network agility, reliability, security and operational efficiencies.
  • Easy-to-configure user management for strict network access control, giving customers the ability to create and edit roles and privileges based on corporate security policies.
  • Quick view of Ethernet uplink interfaces with an optimized display layout of the uplink properties, reducing clicks and speeding operations.
  • Fast access to forwarding database and advanced VLAN properties for visibility into the subtended devices (e.g. WAPs, VoIP handsets and IP cameras).
  • 4-color view across the entire LAN to expedite diagnostics and troubleshooting of alarms and events, including history and filters (e.g. date, cause and severity).
  • Online help options that give access to technical documentation that can expedite senior IT staff troubleshooting or assist with junior IT staff training.

To see more detailed information about Tellabs OLAN SR30.0, you can view the linked Tellabs Panorama PON Manager specifications summary:

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Dave Cunningham