The Go Eco Group (LIBE) Forms Subsidiary BitWhisper, LLC for Blockchain Technology

CHESTER, N.Y., Jan. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Go Eco Group Inc. (OTC PINK:LIBE) is pleased to announce that it has formed BitWhisper, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Go Eco Group, Inc. dedicated to further developing and monetizing its proprietary blockchain technology.

BitWhisper, LLC is a technology Company based in the United States. Their primary focus will be to allow for the transfer of video, pictures, or files on the strongest encryption method possible.

"We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt the current file storage market. Our implementation of this technology could change the very way that file storage is done,” stated BitWhisper Chief Technical Officer Daniel Jaros. "BitWhisper looks forward to be the pioneer in exploring the applications of blockchain-based technologies in the file storage space.”

Data Parity Tracking

Distributed ledger technology allows us to constantly track the location of a user’s stored data as well as a running total of the number of times that file has been copied for redundancy sake. This allows for BitWhisper to ensure that our end users are fully benefiting from our distributed storage solution without worry that a specific node has disappeared.

As the blockchain works as an un-corruptible ledger, it also allows for BitWhisper to ensure that files uploaded by the end user aren't being bundled with malware by the miners. When a file is uploaded via the BitWhisper client, the client compresses the selected file with 2048-bit encryption, after the compression process completes the total size of the object as well as the upload data is added to the ledger. When the end user requests to download a copy of the data, the block will challenge all available miners to ensure that the file retrieved is the same file uploaded. Due to the nature of the ledger, the block will check that the requested file matches the file to the letter, including the total file size, creation time, and other identifying factors.

Smart Data Redundancy

Use of the blockchain allows for the development of smart data redundancy protocols that automatically execute when certain parameters are met. For example, the block can automatically detect when a miner has removed a user’s stored data from its storage array and upon confirmation that data was removed and reopen that job for new miners to bid on. This kind of contract allows us to ensure that the user's data is always being backed up the specified number of times.

The smart contract has the potential to add substantial efficiency and next level data parity to our p2p storage solution by ensuring that customer data is always being properly stored for later retrieval.

Should a user decide to pull their miner from the node, the smart contract would ensure that that user's place is filled by a new miner.

Supplementary Mining

As BitWhisper utilizes the HDD and internet bandwidth of a mining rig as opposed to the CPU or GPU, Whisper Coin miners can supplement their current coin earnings without negatively impacting the performance of their miners. Because of this low hardware overheard we expect a large number of mining farms to begin farming Whisper Coin once our ICO goes live. We believe that supplementary mining will become a critical component when designing future mining farms as the difficulty of mining certain cryptocurrencies continues to increase.

“We realize there’s a lot of recent blockchain technologies out there, along with cryptocurrencies,“ stated Brian Conway, CEO of LIBE “We’d like to ensure our investors that we have had third party verification of our technology. We will continue to add additional verifications as we introduce it to larger companies in the upcoming weeks. With this new tech in our stable of products, I believe we can soon address our remaining debt and grow outward and upward.”

About The Go Eco Group Inc. 
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