Blockbonds partnering with three leading African banks

Kristiansand S, NORWAY

We are pleased to announce partnerships with three leading banks within the EAC region. Through these partnerships, the product “SPENN” can digitalize the economy in three new markets.

Blockbonds believes it is a human right for everyone to have access to financial services.
As the leading actor in banking the unbanked, Blockbonds is the first company to solve the autonomous interaction between the banked and the unbanked.

“It is with great pleasure that we can announce these partnerships. Not only will this give us a great start into the African market, but it sets a foundation for us contributing to the pan-African financial inclusion over the next years,” CEO Jens Glaso said.

SPENN is the product of Blockbonds. Through its unique in-field distribution and cost-free end-to-end solution, Blockbonds is reaching an untapped market, including the banked population, through its strong partnerships with banks. Blockbonds takes corporate social responsibility by providing financial empowerment, as well as introducing free real-time payments, for the bank’s new and existing customers.

With an advanced financial platform built into a user-friendly mobile app, combining chat, real-time payments and a bank account wrapped around the blockchain, SPENN is digitalizing the existing cash-based ecosystem and is the only way to digitalize an entire national currency.

SPENN is a pan-global solution, with the possibility to support any currency. We are currently focusing on 7 markets with a total population of 1.7 billion.

About Blockbonds AS:
Blockbonds is a Norwegian fintech company with a clear mission to contribute to global financial inclusion for vulnerable and marginalized populations.
The team consists of 60 people who are working in the field on a daily basis, and through advocacy and awareness raising, aim to help the 2 billion people who have limited or no access to financial services.
Blockbonds’ vision is to create a world where everyone can manage their savings, payments and investments in an honest, transparent and secure way.
Blockbonds has chosen to focus initially on the African and Asian markets of operations – primarily in markets where the unbanked population is vastly represented, with viable technical infrastructure to support the product and where trust for mobile payments are, to varying degrees, socially accepted and welcomed. 
Blockbonds has created a pan-global model, with which everyone in the world can access financial services equal to those in more developed markets, completely free, by utilizing the security and transparency of blockchain technology. The Company is VPS registered and the shares can be traded privately through any broker registered with Verdipapirsentralen. 

Jens Glaso, CEO & Founder
+47 40 40 47 50

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