Ahalogy Launches Influencer Live™ to Connect Consumers with Influencers for the Super Bowl

Ahalogy releases innovative solution to help brands and retailers win sales for the biggest game of the year

CINCINNATI, Feb. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ahalogy, a leading influencer marketing and technology company, launched Influencer Live™ this week to create a dialogue between consumers and influencers on the day of the Super Bowl. Influencer Live is just one of many ways Ahalogy is bringing innovation to influencer marketing.

To connect consumers with influencers and drive sales for brands, Ahalogy has partnered with leading brands and retailers through real-time Q&A messaging before and during the game through Facebook, and Instagram messenger and comments. The Influencer Live solution will bridge the gap between everyday consumers looking to try a new recipe for their game day parties and the experts who created the content.

The Super Bowl is an ideal time to launch live influencer content. It is one of the most-watched annual events, with 111 million viewers in 2017. Last year over 45% of Americans said they were either hosting (18%) or attending (27%) a game-viewing party, so it’s no surprise that brands are continuing to ramp up efforts around the Super Bowl.

Digital marketing has made reaching consumers increasingly easier. Social and mobile media continues to be a big part of the Super Bowl experience, as 73% of viewers will be using their devices during the game. Ahalogy strategically decided to align the launch of Influencer Live with the Super Bowl because of their clients’ high demand to engage with consumers in new ways online—where Food & Beverage content is almost overwhelmingly easy to discover.

For Mondelez International group, Ahalogy influencers will be available to answer questions and make suggestions for the recipes created for the brand’s Big Game Campaign. The campaign features Mondelez products used in easy dip and appetizer recipes. For example, What Molly Made created an Easy Caprese Dip recipe for the campaign served with Ritz Crackers for dipping.

“Only a relative handful of brands can afford the millions of dollars for a 30-second commercial spot,” Ahalogy CEO and Co-Founder Bob Gilbreath says. “A growing number of brands are finding unique ways to be a part of the party.”

Influencer Live will give the campaign an added layer of accessibility for consumers searching for unique recipes that will bring friends and family together at watch parties. Additionally, Ahalogy’s data-driven approach to content creation ensures the recipes include ingredients and ideas that are top-of-mind for consumers.

For example, Ahalogy released its 2018 Game Day Trend Outlook, which revealed that sweet potato, cheesy “bombs”, and bite-size appetizers are trending for the upcoming game. These types of insights from Ahalogy Muse—the company’s category trend data software—help drive the strategy and creation for every Brandables campaign.

To learn more about Ahalogy’s innovative approach to Influencer Marketing, visit ahalogy.com/Brandables.

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