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RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (OTCPK:LDSR) has increased its support of Ripple by launching public and validated ‘Validator’ services for Ripple.

“Ripple is renowned for being enterprise-focused and introduces a level of maturity and capability in the blockchain realm that major global firms require.  Ripple has tier 1 leadership and technical capabilities – with matching member companies,” stated Mr. Remillard, CEO of DATA443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. at an announcement.

The Ripple Validator registry is a public listing of available validation engines that are available to confirm transactions for acceptance – somewhat relational to the concept of blockchain mining.  More importantly, these validators may be verified publicly thereby enhancing the transaction confirmation veracity.  Data443 is contributing compute resources from its data processing facilities to support the function of XRP and facilitate transaction on behalf of its customers.

Data443 plans to leverage the ecosystem for its customer base and upcoming product releases.  “While 2017 can be considered the ‘public epoch’ of the blockchain, we feel 2018 and onwards will demonstrate significant capabilities and benefits to identity, financial and related processing activities worldwide.  Data443 will be at the forefront of many of these activities,” added Mr. Remillard.

The Ripple Portfolio and Members are located:

The Ripple Advisory Board: 

The Ripple Validator Registry is located at: 

Data443 Validators are listed in the Registry as: -- nHUpJSKQTZdB1TDkbCREMuf8vEqFkk84BcvZDhsQsDufFDQVajam -- nHBVQ68ubMHTfBGQ9fsfL9Ggvd8ZTvBQRS7EQ96aMW48KRwBCUTd -- nHBijcxWWpfyzoUMNzUFMFWgKNSM33g6ysFiZwvb624a9DuGSDaz -- nHU7fmDi5GM2DRrWabEAqq9rJ8cdV3Z3WoW51UNaJpJzbc6AYpaE -- nHUJ9xZxcuCSi552Le3KV4yawD1tgSS2y2TQicci7cbB18JcTtyR

Financial and other institutions needing Identity and Validation assistance are recommended to reach out to for our business development/partner program.

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