VITAs Crowdsourced Geolocation App Further Readies Launch

VITA App is the Next Evolution of Social Media

IRVINE, CA, Feb. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Last week, Vita Mobile Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: VMSI) successfully completed its name and symbol change and is now undertaking the next steps to launch the Company’s highly anticipated crowdsourced geolocation app VITA.

VITA is a revolutionary mobile social app that uses crowdsourcing, geolocation and artificial intelligence technology to allow anyone to easily find and view what's happening at any place around them or across the globe.

Calling All Beta Testers

Vita’s highly anticipated new social media app VITA will soon begin beta testing to prepare for its US launch on for Android on Google’s Google Play and for iOS in the Apple’s  iTunes store. 

"VITA is experiencing overwhelming interest from individuals who would like to participate in our beta launch, so we’ve decided to leverage that enthusiasm and open up our beta testing to the public,” stated Sean Guerrero, CEO – Vita Mobile Systems, Inc.

Vita will be hosting a public sign up on our website to recruit experienced social media users to help us finish our beta testing and continue to add content to the app. Please sign up at the following link to be notified and provided instructions on how to beta test VITA, the next evolution of social media."

Guerrero continued, “We encourage everyone to sign up.  It’s a very exciting time and our beta users will experience as pioneers, the evolution of crowdsourcing news.”

In its efforts to grow sentiment among the investment community, Vita also aims to up list to the OTCQX soon after the Vita app goes live.

VITA - A Game Changer in the Evolution of Social Media

We anticipate VITA to be the next and largest disrupter in the social media evolution and a leader in artificial intelligence and augmented reality. 

Social media began with basic social websites such as Myspace and Friendster, who were ultimately dwarfed by Facebook’s revolution of the social media industry.  Facebook improved the use of photos and videos in social media but still relies heavily on text posts and is a closed network of individualistic information.

Counter to Facebook’s social media model, Twitter launched with its posts limited to 140 characters of text supplemented with pictures. With less thought needed to come up with posts and a full description/caption, an increase in user engagement followed. Users’ posts, including picture-sharing, grew exponentially.

As imagery-based posting became easier, Instagram, heavily weighted towards pictures and videos supplemented with a small amount of text, took off, as the next winner in the social media evolution.

While Instagram and Facebook posting has been wildly popular, users have to spend a lot of time selecting the perfect picture to captures the true essence of the moment. This selection process takes up valuable time because users are concerned that their peers would judge them by the quality of their personal photos and posts.

This social pressure led to Snapchat which allowed the user to take short clips of video and pictures on a real time basis. Social pressures of selecting the perfect post diminished because the content disappeared after 24 hours and there was no history on the user’s social profile. However, even in this social media model there is a constraint. The content is only available to friends and doesn’t allow the public to view everyone’s post.  Because of this, targeted advertising is limited because of the lack of meta-data available on this time constrained content. Snapchat is less likely to maximize ad revenue.

Enter, VITA!  Vita brings the changes and adoptions necessary for the next stage in the evolution of social media. In addition to using crowdsourced content in an open network, VITA uses proprietary geolocation and artificial intelligence algorithms to geotag and catalogue all pictures, video and text content.  VITA users can be anonymous, allowing for the freedom to upload, share and collaborate candidly without the social pressures and fear, sometimes associated with apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Diverting from user behavior to post only the best photo or selfies to other apps, VITA can and does use all photos, videos and text comments to create a mosaic of an event at a specific location. With VITA, users can easily share or find out more about any event around them or across the world, from the car accident around the corner, to vacation spots, to emergent events such as protests and shootings. VITA fuels a "see it and post it" culture instead of a “selfie culture”, making all pictures and videos useful in illustrating an authentic crowdsourced view of daily life.

By using all the content created by many anonymous contributors to any events, VITA users can see and engage with all content while sharing even more on their normal favorite social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

To see more about VITA please visit the Vita Mobile Systems website at

About VITA Mobile Systems (

VITA Mobile Systems is an open network app company focusing on digital imaging and technology in mobile devices. Vita Mobile Systems is currently finalizing "VITA" for release on both IOS and Android. VITA is an open network social platform that allows users to easily take unfiltered pictures and videos that organically illustrate, record, and share life's events, creating an authentic immersive crowd-sourced view of everyday life. The purpose of VITA is to allow users to experience events, places, landmarks, and more, from the perspective of the people that are attending, or are physically there. VITA is expected to generate not only traditional revenue with picture and video page views, but also more lucrative, hyper-local advertising as well as 2-D and 3-D augmented reality advertising.

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